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Hello, My name is Mercedez Gonzalez. And I’m asking for your help. Last year I was employed by a large powerful company who prides itself on it’s ethics, diversity, political awareness, and empathy. They attract and employ the social justice types who care about veganism and animal rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ issues,feminism, fair wages etc. Unfortunately I do not believe many of the people in the company’s positions of power reflect the company’s alleged ethos. I feel that during my employment, I along with another coleague of color, was treated unequally to our white colleagues. It's important to note that everyone including the trainers, managers and our colleagues were white. excluding myself and the previosuly mentioneed colleague of color whow as treated similarly. when I raised it as a problem it was not taken care of in a proper manner. I ended up being terminated based on performance and later learned that white colleagues were not penalized in the same way and got even more opportunities and support to succeed than i had already been witness to.


I have been dealing with this issue for over a year now. The company have refused to resolve the issue and it is now continuing in in Employment Tribunal in London from Wednesday 27th September until Friday 29th September 2017. I have had so much support from friends and family and comrades and a solicitor who believes in my case and has been working tirelessly for almost a year for nothing! and now, to continue this fight I have had to take out a loan to pay my barrister. This barrister will cost me 3,500 in addition to the 900 from the barrister from the initial hearing. The court costs are about 5000 in GBP total. and I will be taking off of work to appear in court for the 3 day trial. I am so stressed and anxious and have been sick through most of this process. I know that I really would not be putting in this effort if I didn’t think this was the right thing to do. I couldn’t afford to do this for no good reason and I certainly wish I didn't have to bring this company to court. I expected more from them.


Even though I have evidence, a good witness and legal support, I can’t guarantee that I will win this case. Making a claim of discrimination based on race is a hard thing to prove. I will still have to pay back this loan win or lose.


I, like most people, do not like to have to ask a community that is already struggling for money. But I know in my heart that I should never have had to come to this point in the first place. That legal fees being so expensive is not my fault and that I have done nothing wrong to deserve to have been treated so unfairly and that this is my small shot at achieving justice for myself, for others who have been in this position and others who will be.


I ask with humility and gratitude that you contribute whatever you can to help me eliminate this debt. If I win, I will gladly keep track and repay people who ask or alternatively, I promise to funnel a portion of my winnings back into the communities that i care about who need financial help. Even if I lose I can do my best to repay folks who need to be repaid.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement and your time.

Here is the invoice for lawyer fees. The remaining money is to cover the fundraising fees. Thank you!
Invoice for lawyer fees

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