Stop Don Kleine from criminalizing an abused child
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On February 17, 2018 an abused child came to the tragic realization that no one was coming to save her. With no alternatives afforded to her she made a decision no child should ever be faced with making.  She ended her abuse the only way she thought she could, by ending her abusers life. As a 14 year old child her basic human instinct to survive overcame her fear of her abuser. She is a victim and her name is Sammaria Cungin.

At only 14 years old her cognitive brain development is just starting to grasp the concepts of the long term effects our decisions have on our lives and how to see situations beyond what is directly in front of us in the present moment. At 14 years old she is not capable of fully understanding what transpired on February 17th in any capacity other than the singular moment of hopelessness that pushed this child to protect herself when no one else would. 

This child has been failed by society as a whole. How can we sit by while she is incarcerated for 1st degree murder? How can we let someone who is a victim of abuse be held accountable for murder when it's so obviously self defense?

Douglas county attorney Don Kleine is criminalizing an abused child. He's acting as if his placing of this case in juvenile court is an act of compassion. This case should never have gone any further than his desk and him deciding against charges. We now have an abused child sitting in a correctional facility being criminalized and not receiving proper care for the abuse she's experienced. All of this because Don Kleine feels the irrational need to incarcerate children of color in the city of Omaha when it is clearly a situation where this child should be receiving intense therapy, compassion, nurturing and respect. 

Help us raise money to ensure this child had proper representation in court and all of her needs are met to properly heal from this horrific injustice committed against her. This money will be passed to a legal guardian or the attorney directly. I will ensure we have proper documentation that the funds are being used to ensure this child gets justice. 

(Typos and grammatical errors may be present. I am creating this campaign quickly to get Sam help immediately)

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