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Legal Fund for Targets of Human Experimentation
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The Cause:

I am seeking funding for a massive media exposure campaign nationwide and if possible globally which is vital for revealing the unleashed, official, police, military and DOD contractor high-tech electronic weapon microwave torture program little known to the general public.

Across the nation, and globally government programs have been secretively unleashed on the populace where untold numbers of people have become victims of high-tech covert targeting operations, using advanced psycho-physical, psychological electronic (Psychotronic) technology dating back decades perfected. The use of the technology has been legalized with little public awareness intentionally and is heinously covertly destroying lives through specific agencies believing there will be no accountability.

Millions are suffering who have been marginalized to basically human guinea pigs, denied basic Human Rights, much less Constitutional and Civil Rights, in a massive high-tech system of subjugation spearheaded from state-of-the-art operation centers.

If there are reportedly close to 500,000 suffering across the USA and millions globally and there are near 7.5 billion people on this planet, the unified force of exposure has work to do and our job cut out. Exposure of covert technology usage today must be and has become the greatest asset for full disclosure!.

Many have tried and failed over the years to bring legal action due to the inability to finance litigation of this magnitude against governments. In reality, $10,000 is a start for tackling this hideous monstrous program, truth and exposure the weapon, by taking the reality of what is happening today to a larger scale. All funds will be wisely used only for this purpose and this purpose only.

If everyone gave a dollar, it is a start towards exposing this hideous high-tech, monstrousity, and the inhumane treatment and destruction of human lives, by heinous, disfiguring beamed weapon assaults and more focused on many who have marginalized within a program that has reemerged as sinister operations identical to the programs exposed during the Church Committee Hearings of the 70s involving the CIA and MKULTRA.

Obviously, the Church Committee Hearings did not stop illegal human experimentation as the public was sold. The agenda for a technological, technocratic, control grid, simply quietly went underground and continued to flourish resulting in today's monstrosity of high-tech advanced technology, in full use, and what has materialized, without a doubt, as reported, an official covert, high-tech, "Crime of the Century."

Informative websites detailing "The Program."


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