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My name is Jared Bartlett and I am here raising funds on behalf of my family for my father Jim Bartlett, a man wrongly convicted of a crime he didn't commit.
Earlier this year (2018) my father was accused of committing a sexual crime against a member of my extended family. An accusation which was claimed to be over 17 years old and which my family knows to be completely untrue. The trial consisted of zero physical evidence, zero witnesses to corroborate the story, and zero consistency to the claims. Unfortunately, because my family did not have adequate funds we were unable to hire a higher end lawyer against these claims. The accuser is a known addict and not mentally stable. Their drug use was unfairly barred from being used in the trial as well as many of our character witnesses for my father. The court stacked the deck against us from the very beginning. The decision came down to a jury of 12 people, most of which completely ignored our lawyer's closing statements and seemed to care more about the accuser and their sad story, one which was not true, rather than the facts of the case. They convicted my father based off of nothing and now he sits in prison for a minimum of 9 years. My poor father spent his 60th birthday in a prison cell this year and I don't intend to see him spend any more behind bars.
Who is Jim Bartlett? Jim Bartlett is a father, a husband of over 30 years, a grand father, a dependable friend, and an honest hardworking man all around. Over the span of his life my father has shown kindness, compassion, and good deeds to all those around him. He is the reason I survived a suicidal time in my life and moved on to pursue a career in Nursing. Jim has volunteered to assist in countless church events, assisted in many charity shows, and has always strived to be a positive influence on those around him and a role model for all. Jim Bartlett has always been a shining light for those around him and is always a man who can make you smile. So much so that when the news came out of his conviction people refused to believe it was true.
My family has taken to Funded Justice in hopes of hiring a top notch lawyer to handle my father's appeals and free my father. In a society that has begun to lose the belief of "innocent until proven guilty" my family is one of many that has been destroyed as a result. We sincerely hope we can raise the funds needed, free my father, and his case can become a symbol of hope for those just like him. We can no longer sit back and watch as so many men are being falsely accused and having their lives and freedom stripped from them. It's time for us to set the precedent and change the destructive path of our legal system and society as a whole.
We sincerely appreciate any amount that can be given and plan to post updates of our story so everyone can see the progress. Thank you all and God bless<3
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