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Kash Jackson needs your help to stay out of jail.
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Ended Jan 28, 2017

Kash Jackson has been ordered to spend 30 days in jail in Lake County, Illinois, starting on January 20th if he does not come up with a purge amount of $3707 by that date! Kash has stood by many people and fought to protect defend others from illegal and unconstitutional practices of the same courts. He intends to continue this fight. He will continue to fight the purge. That can take time and in the meantime this purge amount will help him remain free to continue the fight for protection of constitutional rights for everyone while he fights this purge, and to stop the courts from inflicting these purges on others. Purges affect many parents right now. Keeping Kash out of jail allows him to keep this fight in full force without the delays that going to jail create when they are restricting access to resources that he needs for the fight. Kash protects the infringement of constitutional rights for all! He seeks to make changes to this process so that everyone benefits.

Kash is a retired Navy veteran is going to be thrown in jail on January 20, 2017 even though his wages have been garnished of $900 every month for child support. This was not enough to satisfy the judge. 

Kash has marched across the U.S. to raise awareness to the injustices in the family courts. Kash has fought against the incentives that Title IV-D gives to the states to destroy good fathers and take them away from their children in exchange for federal money.

Kash recently went to Standing Rock in North Dakota to protect and defend the native Americans and to protect another valuable resource, our water.

Kash asked the judge for a continuance since he was asked to serve as ambassador and represent the 1500 veterans going to Standing Rock in North Dakota on the same day the court was holding the hearing. The judge denied the continuance and so while Kash was protecting Americans once again, Judge Salvi signed an order that Kash will be incarcerated on January 20th at 9:00 a.m. if he does not pay a purge amount of $3707!

Kash does not have the money to pay this purge. He lives on his retirement income after serving in the Navy for 20 years and spends his time continuing to serve the American people by coordinating events and appearing at important protests to help others protect and defend our children and our resources. After his retirement check is garnished he only has $700 left over. Not even enough to survive off of and pay his basic bills.

Kash continues to dedicate his life and time to fighting for protection of constitutional rights of parents. He gives himself to these efforts and sacrifices all that he can for this fight.

Kash needs you to help him stay out of jail so that he can continue to protect others.

Before Kash the family court injustices were going mostly unnoticed by the media. Kash has brought unprecedented attention to the family court injustices. Kash has been able to reach people who were blind and deaf to these efforts. He got the attention of presidential candidates and the incoming president-elect.

Without Kash the movement will suffer. Kash will keep the pressure on the judges. Kash needs you now to take the threat of jail off of him so he can continue to help those who have not been able to be heard and get help for themselves. 

Any money left over from this funding campaign will go into the continued efforts to fight for constitutional parental equality Restoring Freedom campaign.

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