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I am Sharon Anderson, Tremaine L. Allen’s mother. 



Freedom/Sentence Reduction for a FIRST-TIME NON-VIOLENT offense.

Charge – Controlled Substance Trafficking – Less than 1 kilogram.

Prior Felonies:  NONE

Sentence:  Thirty - 30 Years. 

Parole Eligibility:  Twenty-two and a half years – 22.5 Years; 2035.



A husband and father to 7 children has been separated from his family since 2011.  As a first time non-violent felony offender, he was sentenced to a 30 year prison term and is not eligible for parole until 2035.  He is in  desperate need of your financial assistance to be able to hire a post-conviction relief attorney.   And what was the crime?  



In 2013, Tremaine Allen aka Tre was tried and convicted of controlled substance trafficking in Decatur, Illinois of less than 1 kilogram of cocaine. The result was a sentence of thirty (30) years in prison with seventy-five (75%) or 22.5 years having to be served before being eligible for parole.   Tremaine’s prior involvement with the law had been minimal with primarily traffic violations; misdemeanor charges.  


As you can imagine, his family and friends were devastated when they learned of his alleged involvement in a drug ring, his subsequent arrest, and his $1,000,000 bond.  The initial reaction was, “Who did he kill, murder, slaughter, something”? 


With a $1,000,000 bond, many concluded that Tre must have lost his mind and did something so horrific that it was unimaginable.  As a connoisseur of firearms, the first thought was “he must have shot someone” as he had owned a collection of legally registered firearms; some antique.  


Tre was arrested in Springfield Illinois as a part of a drug interdiction centered in Decatur Illinois.  He’d previously visited with family and friends in Decatur and was on his way to visit again when he was forcibly removed from a Greyhound bus in Springfield, IL.  Once removed, he was asked to identify his bags.  The luggage had already been removed from under the bus. Tre identified his luggage and gave consent for them to be searched.  The officer proceeded to search the luggage and removed a "suspicious" package.  Tre said he had not seen that package before and denied its ownership.  Tre asked the officer to open the package. The officer stated he could not open the package since Tre said it did not belong to him and because the officer did not have a search warrant.  


The officer proceeded to run a background check on Tre and located a 10-year old outstanding insurance ticket. Tre was arrested on that ticket and was taken to an undisclosed sight for questioning before being transported to the Springfield Police Department on the no insurance charge. He posted bond and was released but without his luggage.  The officer kept the package.


Upon Tre's return home to Texas, he phoned the Springfield Police Department to ask how to get his luggage returned. The Springfield Police Department informed him the DEA had his belongings and gave him the DEA's contact information. Tre called the DEA's number and left a detailed message stating the reason for his call, asking how to get his luggage returned and asking why they had his luggage in the first place.  He also left his call back information.  Within a couple of hours of making that call, Tre was arrested.


Prior to this unfortunate incident, Tremaine LaMarr Allen was a productive member of society who worked full time to provide for his wife and children. He was active in his church’s ministry, took in homeless youth, volunteered at shelters, and was on a mission to save souls for Christ. Tremaine aka “Tre” rarely met a stranger and frequently went to the aid of those in need without concern for his own welfare. Tre would literally take the shoes and shirt off his back and give it to one in need. He would say, “I can always get another one!” He had no respect of person in dealing with people on the street, in the church, on the job or wherever because he has a genuine love for his brothers and sisters. He emulated the creed, “I Am My Brother’s Keeper!” All one had to do was ask and if it was remotely possible, Tre would make it happen. 


Although the circumstances are trying and Tre hasn’t been able to see most of his children since 2011, (the youngest now 8), he continues to hold to his deep convictions about his faith and service to God; his love for his family; and his concern and compassion for others-even in his current setting. Due to the distance and the financial impact, his wife has only been able to visit twice since 2011.


Your financial assistance will help Tre get adequate counsel to aid in his fight for his release. 


I continue to stand with my son.  I have written to many individuals and agencies seeking assistance for some type of relief. Those written to include but are not limited to: the Illinois Governor - seeking a sentence reduction; the U.S. Justice Department - regarding equity and fairness in sentencing; the past President of the United States; Illinois Congressmen and Congresswomen; Innocence Projects in varying states; newspapers; and any person or entity that may be able to help in this matter.


Every individual charged in this case had a minimum of one felony drug conviction with the exception of Tremaine who had no felony convictions.  Some had other felonies.  

Every individual charged for this case has been released with the exception of the target of the investigation and Tremaine!   

An alleged co-conspirator to Tremaine was initially charged with the identical offenses and had prior felony drug and assault charges and yet he only received a 10 year sentence at 50% or 5 years.  He too is free!


And like Tremaine, guilty or not guilty is a no longer an issue, but fairness/equity in the law is.  


Thank you in advance for your support, for your prayers and for your contributions knowing that each and every amount donated will be a blessing.  Our family’s prayer to you is for God's insurmountable blessings over your life.



 “Hello, my name is Tremaine Allen, also known as ‘Tre’”. 


Thanking you for taking the time to read my story and thank you in advance for your prayers, financial contributions, and well wishes.  I am humbly requesting financial donations in the hope of acquiring a post-conviction attorney as I am unable to afford one. I aim to raise $20,000 -$30,000, the cost of attorney fees.


In 2011, I was arrested for alleged controlled substance trafficking of less than 1 kilogram of cocaine for Decatur, Illinois.  I was arrested on November 28, 2011 and was forcefully removed from my home in Texas.  I was transported to the Dallas County jail where I was detained past the expiration of my signed extradition papers. It was about 18 days before I was taken to Decatur, Illinois to find out why I had been arrested. No charges had been filed. 


As I remained in custody and since there were no charges, my family was unable to hire legal representation.  The attorneys contacted stated I could not be located in the system.  My mother who resided in Tennessee begged an attorney in Illinois to please go to the jail to see what was going on. It was two days after that visit that I was formally charged with controlled substance drug trafficking in Decatur, Illinois.   My bond was set to $1,000,000.00.


I have been separated from my wife and children who still reside in Texas for nearly six years. I have seven children, five amazing sons and two adorable daughters. The joys of my life were participating in charity (helping any/everyone), and loving my beautiful wife and wonderful children. I was a productive citizen, as I had been employed for the majority of my life.


In August 2013, I went to jury trial; was found guilty; and was sentenced to (30) years at 75% of incarceration as a FIRST-TIME non-violent offender, that I am currently serving.  I maintained my innocence then.  I maintain my innocence now of deliberately participating in or having knowledge of any drug ring and/or drug conspiracy.  And while I am no longer arguing guilt or innocence, I feel that as the least culpable in this entire case that I was a sacrificial lamb in this crime.


As an individual with “NO” felony history and having been found guilty of bringing a drug to Decatur, Macon County, Illinois of less than 1 kilogram, I equate my sentence to the time that is typically given to someone who commits first degree murder.


It is my belief that my proceedings lacked integrity and lacked adequate and credible legal representation, i.e., not “one motion” was filed on my behalf nor was any witness called during the trial.  Even my request to meet with the prosecutor and the judge under the 402 Conference (Illinois Supreme Court Rule 402) was denied in writing.  The attorney wrote I would only be eligible for such a meeting if I intended to plead guilty.  And while I had not intended to plead guilty and in light of the State saying the sentence could be up to 160 years, I wanted to explore any and all possible options.


In simple language a 402 Conference is a plea discussion along with what possible punishment may be applied.  The following is an extract from the 402 Conference law:

"If a plea discussion does not result in a plea of guilty, or if a plea of guilty is not accepted or is withdrawn, or if judgment on a plea of guilty is reversed on direct or collateral review, neither the plea discussion nor any resulting agreement, plea, or judgment shall be admissible against the defendant in any criminal proceeding" .  


This was a due process violation as were other violations.  Listed below are but a few: 

  1. Arrested in Springfield, “Sangamon County”, and IL for an old traffic offense but was charged with transporting/trafficking an alleged package to Decatur, “Macon” County, IL.  
  2. Alleged package was/is not listed in the Springfield Police Department’s Report.
  3. Pictures of package and its alleged contents were not taken; not recorded; not registered; not assigned a number in         Springfield Police Department's evidence / property room.
  4. Alleged package was transported from the Springfield Police Department to Decatur “Macon County” IL Police Department by a Decatur police officer.  
  5. The contents of the package were never examined in the presence of the Springfield arresting officers.
  6. Every officer and/or investigator testified that the arrest occurred in Springfield, Illinois.
  7. Attorney did not subpoena the informant or anyone; "right to face one’s accuser".
  8. A video tape was played for the jurors where I was supposed to have been present.  Just as I should have walked through the door, the tape abruptly stops during trial and is said to be due to a technical issue .  A picture of me standing alone is shown instead.  The picture had no date, time, etc.  Attorney did not object or question this practice, i.e., the tape's validity or the authenticity of the picture.
  9. Attorney filed no “motion to suppress” evidence.
  10. Attorney requested a side bar with the judge and prosecutor to argue a "fatal variance" during closing arguments.  The jurors were excused for the argument.  The attorney stated the erroneous information in the charge instrument that alleged the offense happened in Decatur, IL when the arrest was in Springfield, IL.  Attorney stated he was not arguing “venue” but on how the alleged package had been seized in Springfield, IL and had actually been transported to Decatur by a Decatur Police officer.  He further stated that each officer and investigator on the case testified to such under oath.  Judge disagreed with the fatal variance argument and personally handed the prosecutor an ink pen and said, “Madam Prosecutor, what do you think?”  The prosecutor scratched her head, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Your honor, I don’t know".  The judge responded, “Decatur or Springfield” it doesn’t matter, just write in Sangamon County (Springfield)”.  The prosecutor wrote the information as instructed and did not note the change/modification by initialing and dating the change.  The charge instrument with the modification would appear to have been the original charge; but written in.  The jurors were not informed of the modification.  The prosecutor proceeded with closing arguments and changed the words from “bringing/trafficking drugs into Decatur Macon County” to “bringing/trafficking drugs into the State of Illinois”. Springfield, Illinois was not mentioned! 
  11. DEA admitted on the stand that my phone call back to his office inadvertently blew more than a yearlong undercover investigation.


The above statements are merely to help you get a better understanding of the practices that happened in this case. 


To date, I have been unsuccessful in my quest to prove my innocence and/or to be granted any relief.  I filed an executive clemency to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board to seek a sentence reduction to at least match that of the alleged co-conspirator.  It was denied. I also lost my appeal to the Illinois Appellate Court.


My true hope is to receive any judicial relief in the form of a pardon, sentence reduction, reversal of conviction, etc.


The financial assistance I am requesting is 100% for a post-conviction attorney to continue my daily fight for justice and redemption.  I have been unable to obtain the financial support to acquire an attorney.


The original attorney was a paid attorney with the majority of the funds having come from my mother’s retirement fund. She continues to put money on my books to help out and ensures there are sufficient funds on the phone so we can talk at least once a week. (My mom says this is done for her peace of mind and not so much for me).  My mother also makes the 1100 mile round trip journey to visit me every three months.  She doesn't complain but I know the sacrifices she's made and the ones she continues to make. Other family members contribute when they are able to do so.  For that I am grateful.


Again, I am humbly requesting the necessary financial help required to hire an attorney for a successful post-conviction outcome so I may return home to my family.   I offer my sincere gratitude in advance to anyone who makes a donation.  “Bless you!”


It is my sincere prayer that God will move your hearts with love, compassion and understanding to donate to my cause, a Just cause


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