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 Meet Laron Lumpkin

Laron like any other teenager spent most of his time at school, playing around, staying glued to his cell phone, being goofy, and hanging out with his friends. Laron also LOVES to skateboard. So you would likely find him at Rocketown or a skatepark practicing and mastering his skating moves.

Laron was born prematurely. Laron moved from Detroit, MI to Nashville, TN with his family as a pre-teen.He has struggled immensely in school due to his mental health condition. He comes from a family with a history of mental health issues. However, he successfully found an outlet away from his educational struggles through skateboarding, but this was ripped away in April 2016.

As you read this, Laron Lumpkin is locked away in solitary confinement for his FIFTH month straight at the Davidson County Male Correctional Development Center. He was arrested in April 2016, and charged with alleged crimes that he did NOT commit. Plain and simple Laron is being railroaded. Laron and his family lacked the financial resources to make bond, and hire expensive attorneys. Therefore, went into this with a court appointed attorney. He was 17 years old at the time. Nashville's  juvenile court system failed him, and he was transferred to adult court earlier this year. He is now 18. He remains not only behind bars, but in isolation. Although, studies say that solitary confinement may cause or exacerbate mental illness, this continues to be the county jail’s solution. Laron who has a severe learning disability, ADHD, and the comprehension of an elementary student continues to be punished punitively. According to the American Psychiatric Association, clinicians agree that when subjected to solitary, “inmates’ psychiatric conditions will clinically deteriorate or not improve.

Laron’s bond was originally set at $150,000 at juvenile court, and it was recently lowered to $100,000 in adult court, after asking for a bail reduction. His mother still cannot afford his bail, and the money bail system – like all other systems of oppression – continue to punish the poor, and reward the rich.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans go to jail without being convicted of a crime—simply because they are too poor to make bail. Jurisdictions across the country rely on money bail to determine who goes free before trial. Not only is this system an enormous waste of public resources, it does deep injustice to people who are still presumed innocent. It is unconstitutional!

Laron’s trial is not scheduled until May 2018. By then, he will have served over two years in jail UN-CONVICTED.

Please donate to the Laron Lumpkin Freedom Fund today! We have a goal of buying back Laron’s freedom as soon as possible! 


I am a Nashville native, a product of Nashville public schools, and I volunteer widely across the city. I have experienced and witnessed far too much injustice in my lifetime. I am also a community organizer with Participatory Defense Nashville.


Participatory Defense is a community organizing model for people facing charges, their families, and their communities to impact the outcome of cases and transform the landscape of power in the court system.


Thank you for your support!


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