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Holmes v. Apple Inc. et al.
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Everyone has an Apple device and everyone purchases online at We all love Apple and Amazon, but when an unwitting purchase lands you in the crosshairs of an international UAE (United Arab Emirates) spy plot, with all that love — comes responsibility…

Meet Tyrone Holmes (AKA Ty Max), a low keyed guy doing high-end things, or at least use to. From feeding the homeless in Harlem New York during the day to producing music and film at night. And on Sundays, you will find him playing the organ for the Senior Citizen Gospel Choirs. He even teaches the tourist that come from all over the world to experience Gospel Soul Music. (pictures below)

Tyrone teaching tourist gospel music

Tyrone is also a videographer and editor. He purchased a new Apple computer from

Amazon Purchase Order


Tyrone takes his new Mac to Orlando, Florida, to film a production of the National Church Convention.

National Church ConventionTyrone returns home and resumes his humble life… (3) months later, the earth starts vibrating as Helicopters and the NYPD descend on Holmes’s Bronx residence — the neighbors recall —

Tyrone’s iPhone rings, its the NYPD – SAYING Come outside-you have a computer that belongs to the Department of Defense“. Ty was not home, He was playing the organ for a funeral in Harlem.

After Tyrone realizes the phone call is not a prank, He called 911 and request a squad car meet him at his residence. Tyrone and the squad car arrives, the detectives are gone but leave a number with the terrified neighbors. The patrol squad car cops verified that the detectives are legit, or at the very least, working on the job…

Tyrone pinpoints the exact computer that the warrantless, threatening detectives insist he returns. Ty realizes it’s the laptop he gave away as a civil ‘peace-parting’ gift to his estranged wife, just two weeks prior!!!

The NYPD detectives offer a few scenarios to Tyrone: Stop all his projects and locate the laptop or go to prison for four years.

Tyrone hires a private investigator to locate the item which would keep him a free man, that he had given away. Ty's entertainment lawyers negotiated on a daily basis with the impatient bullying NYPD detectives,  to keep Holmes free and meanwhile…

Tyrone was smack in the middle of the:

Bronx Community Outreach Center Development

Community Center Development Stopped


Tyrone was smack in the middle of an independent music release- Climbing up the Billboard Charts. 

Billboard Charts.


Tyrone was smack in the middle of a production with a high profile Management Model Agency. 

Z Management contract cancelled.

Tyrone was smack in the middle of a production for  JT Thompson and the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Museum.

HHHOF Merger Contracts Cancelled

Tyrone was trying to extract his longtime friend and label artist “Jillian” from a unique challenge.

Jillian Bennett

28 days later and just in the nick of time, Ty finds his estranged wife with the help of his sister-in-law, and the computer is in a Mini Storage in Chelsea, lower Manhatten. He narrowly escapes prison, but his troubles are just beginning, as the laptop was allegedly being surveilled by spies from the UAE and others …

To top it all off, all of Holmes’s contracts and investments were lost, all his music and film productions, his AppleCare info, was taken and sent to Dubai. Tyrone’s neighbors don’t speak to him anymore, and his wife has filed for divorce.

After waiting months for a reply from Tim Cook/Apple and Jeff Bezos/Amazon, and still no answers from the CEO’S that got Ty into this mess, Tyrone files a Federal Lawsuit in the United States Southern District Court. (CV-17-4557)  Amazingly they ALL default and are let out of the default. As the giant companies fight Tyrone tooth and nail with (17) lawyers, Tyrone must find fearless counsel to defend his rights and the rights of unwitting consumers who are sold national security spy computers, with proposed legislation. Ty has drafted a bill to introduce titled the:

‘The Unwitting Act’

“There is a need for congressional oversight mechanisms put in place, to protect unwitting consumers sold National Security Spy Computers”

-Tyrone Holmes

Apple Mac Book ProIt is expected to be covered up by the lower courts and must hit the appellate and/or supreme court level, because, 'you can be 1 trillion dollars above the law'. 18 USC 793/794/1924 were clearly broken by these companies and officials that destroyed an innocent consumer's life. 


‘Holmes v Apple et al’


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Facts and info about the victim/creator of ‘Holmes v Apple/Amazon et al’ (Tyrone Holmes)

Partial Fact List:

  • TV Commercial Child Star. (7UP, Chapstick,) w/ Dr. J/Julius Erving / Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Played Frankie in Horror Movie “Christmas Evil”.
  • Started and Groomed R&B singer Faith Evans.
  • Wrote and sung background for Freddie Jackson.
  • Started Anti Gun & Gang Violence Programs in NYC.
  • Managed food pantry for the homeless in Harlem.
  • Started inner-city internet production cafes.
  • Featured in Harlem’s History Book. (The Unmasking of a Ghetto)
  • Current Top 10 Billboard Chart Producer.

Your support will ensure this ‘Precedent-Setting Case and Docu-drama’ is in the open and the attention is zoomed in.


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