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My family and I are opening this campaign to raise money for court fees and for a lawyer who can review her case and do everything possible to bring her back home. Any donations will help.

*** thank you for your time and donations. ***

On the night of January 7, 2001, my mom and I were involved in a fatal car accident, where the lives of two beautiful souls were taken. By the grace of God my mom and I survived with only minor injuries. My mom, Yileymi Suarez, not only had an unfair trial, but was sentenced by Judge Miller to 30 years in prison for double vehicular homicide, no drugs or alcohol were involved. I was only 2 years old and my brother was 9, when our mom was incarcerated.

My brother and I were given to our grandparents to be cared for. Growing up, our grandparents did the most that they could to make sure we had as close to a normal life as possible. They began their mornings each day at 4 a.m. sharp and worked full time shifts cooking Cuban food in the blistering kitchen of Blue Sky Restaurant. Money was awfully tight but somehow, we managed. Our grandparents would attend all our school events and would cheer us on proudly. We are forever grateful for all they have done and sacrificed for us.

Every weekend possible, and still today, we would visit mom. I was too young then to understand why we had to go to this intimidating barbed wired place to see her. I didn’t get why I had to go through metal detectors and have my pockets checked just to see my mom. Our grandma would convince us that mom was just in “una escuelita”, a little school, and that she will be coming home very soon. As the visits went by, my mom never got to leave with us and leaving visits/goodbyes were beginning to be very difficult for my brother and me. We dreaded leaving! My mom would promise us every time that very soon she would be home. Little did I know, it was just to keep us from crying and being confused.

As I grew older, I learned that my mom was not in a school, but in prison, which was extremely difficult to understand. In school I was told that prison was where bad people were sent... murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. But I didn’t get it...
My condolences go to the family and the souls lost. On the tragic night of January 7, 2002, a car accident took place, an accident. It was never expected to happen at all. My mom, Yileymi Suarez was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol… No tragedy was intended to happen. Yileymi is far from being a bad person and even less of a criminal. In fact, my mom is the most humble, selfless, and strongest person I know. The only person I know that can put a smile on your face in seconds even after dwelling for so many years in such a negative place. She’s known as “Heaven” by other inmates and even the Correctional Officers because of her heavenly energy.

As of today, my mom has been in prison for 17 long years. In those 17 years she has never caused any trouble, has achieved many certificates from programs, and has even earned her GED. Yileymi also works maintenance at Homestead Correctional Institution. My family and I are very proud of her for seeing past the dreadful prison bars and becoming the woman, she is today. Saying this, we all believe that 17 painful years of not being able to see her kids, her family, and missing events and holidays has been enough of a punishment. My mom is an amazing women, mother, and friend. She deserves a second chance.
I am now 19 years old and ready to do anything possible for her freedom. 


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