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A Legal Fund for a Trans Mom
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My name is Nomi and I am a transgender woman. I have been the primary care giver of my daughter. I work part time on the weekends and do contract work while she is at daycare twice a week and between naps. All of this is to pay my half of the bills, rent, and other living expenses while my (soon to be) ex-wife is going to school for her PhD. 

Divorce papers were filed by my ex-wife without any warning. We had a fight, I spent a couple nights a friends house to get away from the fighting, and two days later I was told that the sheriff's office would be serving me divorce papers. My part time job barely pays above minimum wage, consultant work has been somewhat rare, and my only sustaining client has had to stop using my services for the foreseeable future. I was financially dependent on my wife and have virtually no savings. 

My (soon to be) ex-wife is refusing to allow me to spend time with my daughter unsupervised. I left the apartment so our daughter didn't have to be uprooted during this process. Since then she has made increasing demands if she is going to allow me to see my daughter.

In the past two months I have spent 2 hours with my daughter. My ex-wife demands that I not be alone in the same room with my daughter, not take care of any of her needs (I can't feed her, give her water, or changer her diaper), and I'm not allowed to bring anyone with me when I visit. For my own mental and emotional health, I am going as no contact with my ex-wife as is feasibly possible. As well, the angry and argumentative atmosphere is not healthy for our daughter. 

The money I raise here will be used to cover my attorney fees, court fees that may arise during the divorce, and moving expenses while I attempt to find a new place to live. Any money left over will be put into an investment fund for my daughter as she gets older. 

Please help me afford an attorney that can do my case true justice and get me fair custody and placement of my daughter. My wife has significantly more money and resources than I do. As the filer, she has the upper hand in prep time. She has had access to a lawyer for weeks while I have been trying to find a lawyer that fits my needs AND is affordable. 

I do not wish to take my daughter away from my wife nor do I wish to bury her in legal fees. I want to ensure that my daughter has a chance for a life where both of her parents are involved. I want to have the opportunity to teach my daughter about compassion, empathy, and kindness. I look forward to a future where my daughter learns life skills that allow her to not only succeed, but help others succeed. 

I know that with your help I can afford an attorney that will help me get fair placement and custody with my daughter. Without a proper attorney I fear that I won't get fair custody of my daughter, have a chance to care for her, and be a part of her life. 

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