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FIGHTING THE CHILD MOLESTER - a custody battle. I need a better lawyer to help fight for custody. Everything beyond legal fees will go to families of the molested children for therapy or any other needs

My name is Crystal, I am a mom to 5.  I work full time and barely make ends meet but make too much for help.  This is our story. 

In March 2016 I finally told my husband at the time that I want a divorce. I could no longer tolerate his worsening alcoholism, unwillingness to work a stable job and addiction issues. In April 2016 I moved out and got my own place. It was a struggle but every second was worth it. I never had extra enough to file for divorce and I was afraid to do it on my own. Late in the summer of 2016 he started bringing me the children scantily clad in just a diaper or just a t-shirt and underwear sometimes even naked. They were filthy and at times diapers not changed. I got very worried at how they were being taken care of and informed him I was putting them in to daycare while I worked.

In late September they began in daycare and I only had to worry about the weekends that I worked. Although the added expense of daycare made things a lot harder it was worth knowing they were safe and taken care of. In November after several weeks of no contact with my ex I received a phone call at work from the parent of a teenager, informing me that my ex had molested her child approximately four years prior. I was floored. This was something I never ever expected. 

Over the next couple of weeks several other children ranging from age 11 through 14 at the time of the start of the abuse came forward. One of which spanned several years :(

Immediately I sought a protective order for my 3 and 4 year old and it was granted. I went to Legal Aid and paid the court fees needed to file for divorce. But the lawyer was not very confident in my ability to retain custody. He seemed very flippant about the whole thing and really did not care. I immediately began worrying. I held off on turning in the paper work as long as possible in hopes that he would be charged before I filed, he was not.

My ex was served in February 17 via certified mail which he ignored twice. When the 60-day waiting period Was up he was served again via Sheriff again twice in April '17. At that point we had to wait to see if you would respond. He did not. The day after he was eligible to respond he was arrested and charged with child molestation a level 4 felony multiple times as well as a class C felony. He is currently awaiting court dates in jail.

I called my lawyer who basically wanted to wait to see if he bonded out before doing anything. His response was well I guess we can file for a status hearing if you really want to. I need a better lawyer stat. I want to protect my kids from this monster. Help me please.

Today is May 11th 2017 and I just got notice that my status hearing for court will be May 22nd.

Family members myself included have received notices that they may be summoned for his trial as well :-( this is all very stressful.

Anything beyond my legal fees raised will be donated to the families involved to help with the cost of therapy and any other medical or legal needs. These girls need us as a community to pull together and protect them. Our children need us to pull together and protect them. Help me help them thank you

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