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I am a loving father and husband who is in need of assistance to save his family. My son is in critical condition and my other children have been taken from us. I need your help to bring my family together

Let me tell you about who I am and the path I have taken through this world.

My name is Justin Jonker. I grew up in Johannesburg South Africa, and passed through life with very little fanfare.

I have lived my life with a heart to help those around me, always finding ways to enrich those around me. I can firmly say that anyone who knows me can testify to my helping nature and good intentions.

I married my wonderful wife in September of 2008. In 2009 we started on our journey to grow our family. Growing close to one another and close to God.

By late 2010 it was clear that there was something wrong and we were going to need medical intervention with achieving our goal of having children.

By 2014, we had undergone 8 IVF cycles and finally got the news that so many people have been praying with us for, my wife was pregnant.

In April 2015, we took a leap of faith that the Lord would provide for us, and sold what little we had in South Africa to move to the United States of America.

In July 2015 our first daughter, Locklynn Jonker, was born.

Today Locklynn is 2 years old.

In July of this year, 2017, we were blessed abundantly. The Lord had given us 3 more children.

Bentley John Jonker, Chase Christian Jonker and Taylor Kate Jonker entered into our lives, enriching it beyond measure.

Today Chase, Taylor and Bentley are 2 months old.

On Wednesday the 6th of September a great sorrow overcame our family.

Bentley experienced a vomiting episode and wasn't breathing (could have been a stroke) which resulted in him being hospitalized and is in a medially induced coma.

At the time of writing this, Bentley is in a stable condition. He is suffering from siezures.

I am asking for your prayers of healing and life. Every parent knows that God has great things planned for their children, and I believe that Bentley has many great things to bring to this world.

Our family has been torn apart by this tragedy. Bentley has been hospitalized. Our children have been removed from our home and have been taken into the foster care system.

My wife is an amazing woman who has made it her life's goal to take care of her beautiful children. She has ensured that they have always been cared for and know without a shadow of a doubt that they are loved. 

We have precious little financial support, and rely completely on my single income to survive.

The path we have taken to bring our children into this world has been a very long and very costly path. We do not have any savings, and are proactively working to eliminate debt from our lives.

While the South Eastern Coast of the USA has been devastated by Hurricane Irma my family has been ripped apart by a system whose goal it is to ensure families are protected and kept safe.


I am reaching out to those of you that know me, and asking that you send this on to people that you may know.


I believe that if you know me, you will know in your heart that the notion of me purposefully endangering or injuring another person is simply unbelievable. To take that further and say that I harmed my precious children is unthinkable. 


I have been consulting with legal council and all have explained that it will cost a small fortune to present my case.


In short, I have been provided with a financial price tag for my family, which I simply cannot afford.


I need your help to Please Save My Family.


No donation is too small. The obstacle placed in my path scares me. I cannot see a way over it. I am believing and trusting that with your help, God will show the way.


I am asking that you please pray for Baby Bentley. Please pray for his health and recovery.


I am asking that you please pray for my children, that they may be united with their parents as soon as possible.


I am asking you to please pray for my wife who is suffering the greatest loss any mother can face.


And finally I am asking you to pray to keep me with me family and finances and guidance to overcome this obstacle. 


Thank you

Justin Jonker


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