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Hello, my name is Astro Labe and you may well have seen my hideous mug on the idiot box. I've recently risen to dubious fame for headbutting the former P.M., the dishonourable Tony Abbott. 

As we live in the lazy country the entire nation was shocked at the very idea of dissent, albeit demonstrated in a less than agreeable fashion. For this gesture of disgust at the damage that vile creature has done to this country and the people who live here, or might one day like to live here, I'm facing up to two years in prison for the charge of 'Causing Harm to a Commonwealth Public Official'.

As the elite must be seen to remain untouchable they have a duty to at least appear to crucify me, even though Mr. Abbott himself said the following morning that no harm had been done.

Despite the fact I have no history of violence, prison is a very real possibility. If that should eventuate I sincerely hope that people demand justice for the crimes committed by the people who make their crimes law. 

I have no way of knowing what kind of fine they'll sting me with but I can guarantee that I can't afford it by myself.

That's why I need your help. I'm not good at asking for help but I'm definitely in over my head on this one.

If you're among the many who claim they would have done the same given the opportunity, please appreciate the overwhelming stress I've caused myself by actually doing what so many wish they had done. Anxiety, hate-mail and death threats are not much fun. If you consider that my idiocy in the spur of the moment wasn't remotely comparable to the wrongdoings of our clueless (ex) leader then please donate to my cause.

Thank you,


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