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Help this Father of Special Needs Daughter Maintain Role in her Life
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Family & Friends,

As many of you are aware, my ex and I were able to finalize our divorce through mediation in 2017 with myself retaining primarily physical custody and shared legal custody of my daughter Makayla.  I do not wish to share many details of the circumstances around the divorce here.  My goal during the divorce and pursuit of primary custody was never to limit my ex's role in my daughters life, but to enable her to stabilize, rehabilitate, then at the appropriate time, transition primary custody to her once I was confident in her (and our) ability to co-parent while respecting each others parental roles and involvement with our daughter.

I am currently facing a legal challenge (Filed Motion for Change in Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support) from my ex regarding primary and legal custody of our daughter, and due to financial challenges, I am representing myself pro-se in an upcoming hearing to address motions filed by my ex.  She is requesting full legal custody, primary custody, and a severely limited visitation schedule, with the intention of extremely limiting my role and authority in my daughters life.

I have consulted with an attorney who has agreed to consult me as I represent myself in court.  My case is very strong and I foresee a favorable outcome.  However, due to our financial situation, I have absolutely no ability to pay my attorney, even on a consulting basis.  Having his assistance will greatly help in preparing me to represent myself in court while keeping expenses low.

I hope to raise $1200, which will afford me (4) hours of consultation time with my attorney to prepare for the hearing.  If I am awarded compensation of legal expenses during the hearing, I will utilize those funds to pay the retainer for the parental coordinator.  If it is not ruled in my favor, or a parental coordinator is not required, or I have excess funds, I will donate the funds to Prevail Indiana, the shelter which assisted me during my initial divorce.



Time is of the essence, the court hearing is April the 4th, and any motions or filing from my end need to be in by the 28th of March.  

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