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Unsupported mother seeking $ for legal help to retain custody of 2 1/2 yr old.
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I am a single mother who tried to do everything for her daughter. My relationship with her father started out rocky, but I pursued trying to start a family in spite of this as I felt it would be in our child’s best interest. I purchased a house on my own and prepared singlehandedly for our future. 

After my daughter was born prematurely, her father refused to assist in childcare and our rocky relationship declined. When our daughter was only 4 weeks old, I attempted to leave the relationship and I was physically assaulted by her father. 

Police arrested her father for domestic abuse and for the next month I raised her alone. Although this wasn’t easy, having  peace at home was worth the effort. 

After the abuse case was resolved, the order for protection was lifted and child protective services were involved. They tried to help us repair our relationship, for our daughter’s sake. They recommended individual and couples counseling, to which we both promised. I forgave him and allowed him to move back in. It quickly became apparent that he had no intention to follow up on the promises made. 

Our relationship again declined, with much financial stress after he lost his job due to repeatedly not showing up(I was covering all bills), emotional abuse, and eventually a second threatening attack by her father when she was a year old. On this occasion my daughter was screaming in fear, but he continued to harass until I threatened that I’d called police. 

I continued to request therapy to allow us to work through this, but he refused. I asked for support and he refused. I continued to arrange visitation despite this, in hopes he would come to his senses, without success. 

There was about a 9 month stretch with no contact at all. He then served me with a suit, and is trying to get 50% custody.

I have spent all my savings on a lawyer to get through mediation, where he again became aggressive and though I agreed to visitation 3 times a week, he still won’t support his daughter and he still isn’t satisfied. 

He is now filing a motion for immediate overnights, which would be traumatic for her. My ex has put thousands of dollars into his lawyer, and I’m fighting to keep a roof over our heads.

 I’m hoping to find help!!

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