Parents worst nightmare. Help bring Asia home.
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On January 20, 2014 I gave birth to my wonderful daughter, Asia. Even though I was a single mother, I was optimistic about raising my daughter. All I wanted was to provide for her.

After two years of struggling to make ends meet with no proper support, I ran into some financial issues. My adoptive parents, who were living in Arizona at the time, offered to help me even though they never offered help before. I was desperate though, so when they offered to take Asia for a few months, I had no choice but to accept it. I gave my them temporary guardianship so I could focus on work. However, when I was making plans to pick up Asia, I learned that they went behind my back and applied and received guardianship of my daughter in Arizona.

Keeping this a secret, they then turned moved out of state of Arizona with my daughter and ceased communication. I frantically reached out to local police and FBI to report Asia missing. After weeks of waiting, I discovered they got permanent guardianship In Arizona. I then took the proper steps to end their guardianship and the judge did so on September 13,2017.

However, while I was doing that, they hired another lawyer and filed for custody again in North Carolina. They misled the court to believe I never took care of her and abandoned her. The court granted them custody and severed my rights. The evidence to show the lies is overwhelming, and it should be an easy win to get Asia back. But this is a very urgent matter, and I don’t have time to save up for a lawyer. It is my belief that if my rights are terminated, they can adopt my daughter, and it will become much harder to get her back home where she belongs.

My daughter has a loving hard working mother. I would never abandon her. I lost my mother because of her mistakes. I know what that life is like, and my daughter doesn't deserve to go through her life thinking she was unwanted. I am fighting for my constitutional right to raise my daughter. I did not lose my daughter. She was legally kidnapped, and she should be home with me.

I’m trying to raise enough money to hire a lawyer in North Carolina to help terminate their rights to my daughter, as they were obtained by deceiving the courts. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated not just by me but also my daughter. If you’re unable to donate anything, know that I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope that you will share my story with others. Thank you.

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