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Help Me Challenge the SPLC's Partisan Bullying Tactics
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     I’m suing the SPLC and need your help. In 2016 the SPLC, using stolen documents and false implications,  orchestrated my termination as an attorney from the City of Baltimore, where I was doing competent and ethical work.  I have now filed a nine-count complaint in federal court against the SPC, Heidi Beirich, and Mark Potok seeking redress for the harm done to me and challenging the SPLC’s 501c3 status.

      I am not seeking to promote or justify hate.  I treat all persons with respect and have done a great deal of pro bono work for African Americans.  I seek only to vindicate basic principles of free, if robust, expression and the rule of law.  I believe the SPLC is acting far outside its 501c3 mandate.

    My case is well-researched and grounded solidly in fact and law.  P.J. Media and other mainstream news outlets have reported on it favorably.  See: Lawsuit Claims SPLC Abetted Theft, Spread Lies to Destroy Lawyer for ‘Thought Crime’  Even the Drudge Report deemed it significant enough to serve my story to its large audience. 

     But lawsuits are expensive.  The SPLC is operating with a $440 million endowment, growing every day.  I must raise money to pay for co-counsel, filing costs, depositions, document production, legal costs, and my own living expenses as the case proceeds with my full-time attention. These costs could easily exceed $200,000 if the case goes to trial and on appeal and even possibly to the U.S. Supreme Court.

   For a more detailed account of my lawsuit, including a copy of my complaint, see:;  for a YouTube describing my complaint, see:

  The SPLC’s doxing, surveillance, and censorship tactics are poisonous to our American traditions of free expression. I am defying the SPLC in a true David v. Goliath struggle.  Please help me strike a blow for freedom against these self-appointed thought police.

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