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Liberation Fund for New York City
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RAM-NYC is proud to announce the launch of our new Liberation Fund and the first release of a person from the NYC prison system.

The RAM-NYC Liberation Fund will keep people out of New York City's jails. While $1000-3000 bails may be too high for the families of many arrestees, it is possible for us to raise a small reserve. $18,000 will bail out one person per month. When a defendant’s case is closed, their bail money is returned to fund and we will use it to bail out someone else. RAM-NYC is an all-volunteer project; we do not pay ourselves wages or salaries. This means 100% of the money raised goes towards bail.

In NYC, and the US in general, people's inability to pay bail forces them to plead guilty to get out of jail, regardless of the circumstances. If an individual doesn't pay bail they can spend months, or often years, in jail awaiting trial. Pleading guilty allows people to finalize their situation sooner, but then the individual has a criminal record for the rest of their lives, and is permanently a target of the “justice” system.

Therefore bail is a tactic used by the state to force a guilty plea: plead guilty even if you are innocent, or stay in jail indefinitely awaiting trial. Even then, without ample amounts of money for costly attorney fees, the individual is almost always found guilty and sentenced to the maximum time for not pleading guilty from the outset.

Paying bail often pushes families further into crisis. Families make a choice between paying bail or rent, bail or food. So even a short time in jail can mean eviction, failure from school/university, deportation, or loss of a job. In short, the bail process, and the entire penal system is designed to destroy people's lives.

In New York City, people who are awaiting trial are sent to the notorious Rikers Island jail facility, which has been condemned for having a deep-seated culture of violence. The number of injuries sustained by adolescents is staggering and inmates are beaten as a form of punishment even when the inmate presents no threat.

The RAM-NYC Liberation Fund has immediate material benefits for people, and with your help has the capacity to be self-sustaining indefinitely. This is our first step toward resisting the racist incarceration system, toward helping people stay in their communities and with their families, and toward offering a political alternative to those directly affected by state oppression and violence. Lastly, with your donation you can directly bring health and solidarity back into people's lives while they are at a crossroads, and begin building new relationships based on mutual aid and solidarity.

RAM-NYC is an abolitionist project that is committed to tirelessly combatting the prison industrial complex, the criminalization of black life, and the destruction of the poor. For the last few years, our collective has developed multiple projects, all funded out of pocket: from tenant’s networks to copwatch groups. Through all of our initiatives and projects, RAM-NYC is dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building communities of resistance.

Background information about the bail system:

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Burn Down the American Plantation by RAM
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We Want Freedom by Mumia Abu-Jamal
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As the calls that Black Lives Matter continue to grow louder, Mumia connects the historic dots in this revised/updated edition, observing that the Panthers had legal observers to monitor the police and demanded the “immediate end to police brutality and the murder of Black people.” By focusing on the men and women who were the Party, as much as on the leadership; by locating the Black Panthers in a struggle centuries old—and in the personal memories of a young man—Mumia Abu-Jamal helps us to understand freedom.
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