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  •          These 2 men and 10 others were accused in a January 7 press conference of “sex trafficking” when, in fact, Seattle-area law enforcement officials knew these men did not engage in such activities. They were never charged with such an offense.


  •          To build the case, the prosecutor radically reinterpreted a definition of “promoting prostitution” that was written in 1975 (a pre-internet world) in a way that it was never imagined or intended by lawmakers. This interpretation redefines the law (without due notice) to classify most customer online behavior as “pimping.” This new definition makes anyone who writes reviews about sex workers on a website a felon equivalent to an actual pimp and, in the prosecutor’s words, a “human trafficker.”


  •          The primary evidence relied upon by the prosecutor is a series of written reviews and other electronic correspondence, all of which are clearly protected by free speech laws. If Peters and Emmanuel are convicted on all charges, they face the very real possibility of spending many years in prison for exercising their right to free speech and free association.


  •          In his own words, King County Sheriff John Urquhart acknowledged the case against Peters, Emmanuel and the other men is “unprecedented.” That’s true. This has never happened before in American history, for good reason.


  •          The other men charged in connection with this case have pleaded guilty, largely because they did not have the funds to support a lengthy legal battle. We do not want that to happen again. Neither Peters nor Emmanuel are wealthy men. A fair trial should be available to all, not just the rich and famous.


  •          These men have no prior criminal records. They have never been accused of committing a crime of any kind before this case. We strongly believe the prosecutors are severely overreaching in an attempt to gain headlines and boost their political careers.


  •          We urge you to help support them by making a donation today to their Legal Defense Fund. Don’t allow overzealous and deceitful government officials to ruin the lives of good men just to further their political ambitions. Moreover, if the prosecution is successful in this case, it would set a disturbing precedent for use by other law enforcement agencies.


For an overview of this unfolding story, we recommend reading the following articles from Respected journalist Elizabeth Nolan Brown is the only reporter who didn’t just repeat the allegations from King County law enforcement. She took the time to look at the evidence, read the court documents, and ask important questions. Her conclusions are eye-opening…


The Truth About the Biggest U.S. Sex Trafficking Story of the Year


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Sexual Consent in Seattle Must Involve Element of 'Leisure,' Claims Top Cop

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