BAIL OUT DUANE, who gave his wife a proper "death party" w/ Quiet Riot and meth
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Last week in southern Minnesota, Duane Johnson picked up his wife Debra from her nursing home after she begged him to bring her back home, where she finally wanted to die. According to news reports, Duane threw his wife one hell of a "death party" which included meth, "rocking out" to their favorite album (Quiet Riot's 1983 album Metal Health) and having lots of sex together. They even spray painted DEATH PARDE GOD HELL on their front door, so the whole world would know what they were up to.

When Debra could no longer eat or drink, Duane used snow from outside to moisten her mouth. Duane said his wife suffered convulsions during that time frame, but she would not allow him to call for help. He told investigators he held her to keep her from hurting herself during the seizures.

Debra, died at some point in the night, presumably from heart complications related to the meth. Duane washed her body, wrapped her body in linens “like the Bible told me to do”, and then called police to let them know she had passed.

When the police arrived, they found four rifles and two shotguns in the house, which Duane admitted were stolen, under the influence of meth. They arrested him on several felony charges of Receiving Stolen Property and Criminal Neglect. They set his bond at $150,000.

We are now trying to raise this amount to pay his bail in full, without a bondman. If that is possible, the money will be returned after he appears at his first court date, and then will be donated to other community bail funds throughout the Midwest. If we cannot raise the full amount, we will use a bondman to bail him out for $15,000. If neither of these amounts are met, we will donate the money directly to Duane, likely as commissary funds in jail.







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