Justice for Michael Echeverria who was harshly sentenced over a domestic fight.
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Michael Echeverria is a young man of Latin American heritage. He was born and raised in California and resides in North Hollywood. He comes from a loving and very supportive family who are all American citizens. His parents immigrated to the United Stated from Central America. Michael is a natural born citizen.  He had no prior connection to Montana, nor especially to Great Falls. Michael has no prior convictions for any crime of violence. He is a graduate of Cal State Northridge who had just began to run his own business before his arrest. Michael was arrested on September 6, 2017 and has been in custody ever since. He has been kept in jail with no opportunity to bail out and is serving a 40-year sentence at Montana State Prison in Deer lodge, Montana with no parole for the first 10 years. His bail was at one point at $1.5 million cash set by Judge John Parker a Cascade County 8thdistrict court who personally has connections to Michael ex-girlfriend’s family. Is a mutual fight between a couple worth sentencing a man to 40 years?


What happened: Michael was invited by his ex-girlfriend Jane Doe a California native who he dated for 4 years and live with him in his home. Jane Doe invited and lured Michael to go visit her in Great Falls, Montana. Jane Doe rented a hotel room, rental car and had a one way back flight to California with Michael. In days leading to his trip Jane Doe sent him text messages and a pornographic video of her masturbating and telling him how ready she was for his arrival. When Michael arrived at Great Falls, Jane Doe picked him up from the airport and lied to her family of her whereabouts. Leaving her vehicle parked at the airport. after a day of consensual sex (medical paperwork evidence) a trip to a sex shop by the name of “Adam and Eve in Great Falls, Montana to purchase sex toys, shopping at Target, Dinner and drinking at Kobe restaurant in Great Falls and more consensual sex in their hotel room they had an altercation. They engaged in a very unfortunate physical encounter while drunk and angry as happens often in our society between couples with issues. But this is not to point out or minimize Michael Echeverria’s role-he’s taken responsibility for what happened that night by his plea to Aggravated Assault charge- but to underscore what this case is actually all about. That is, an assault, a fight involving two people in a volatile relationship who had overindulged in alcohol and consumption.



Michael Echeverria is a young man of Latin American heritage. With. No prior connection to Montana, nor especially to Great Falls. Although Jane Doe had been accepted by the Echeverria family and had been involved in their family activities, the same was not true of Michael. Jane Doe was, in his view, not forthcoming with her family about her relationship with him. He came to believe they were receptive of him due to his racial background. Right or wrong this is what he came to believe. At one point was told by one of Jane Doe’s sisters that “Wet backs were used as shooting targets in Montana”, She also told him on the night of the incident “wait until my friends (fellow law-enforcement) get ahold of you”. He saw it as an impediment to his relationship with Jane Doe. During the fight his negative feelings towards Jane Doe’s sister were demonstrated by him. They were obviously unhappy about his contact with them-negative telephone messages. Michael was accused of sending negative text messages and phone calls to the sisters and Jane Doe’s step-mother who resides in West Hills, California. All these were not sent from Michaels phone, but from Jane Doe’s cell phone.


That unfortunate development added another level of involvement to the assault which had occurred between Michael and Jane Does sisters and step-mother. The sisters, both of whom one is employed with the Great Falls Police Department and the other an ex- deputy married to a current Deputy son of the Undersheriff of Cascade County at the time (John Stevens). The sisters were angered and upset. Both connected with officer Katie Cunningham who took on the lead investigative role in the case. As mentioned by Michael’s attorney in his prior briefings, he strongly believed that Detective Cunningham from the Great Falls Police Department took on an over-zealous approach to Michael’s case. That began with the situation involving his bail.  Michael Echeverria was falsely portrayed as having the intention of absconding from custody, and even the country if out on bail. Jane Doe and Officer Cunningham were able to convince the courts to set an unattainable level of bail for Michael. Those efforts were based on discrimination and racially profiling due to Michaels Latin-American heritage. That raised our view, as influenced by our experience in our own local culture, serious questions as to the fairness of understanding whey the family feel the way they do. Officer Cunningham when asked under oath (December 20, 2017 per court transcripts) said Michael would flee to his father’s native country of Guatemala? Her response was: that Jane Doe said it. Michael never said he would flee to Guatemala.

Jane Doe’s mother flew to Great Falls to falsely accuse Michael of text messages sent to her phone from Jane Doe’s phone threatening her. There is no record of the Step-mothers phone ever receiving a call from either phone in the time frame. An employee of the defense council, reviewed the flash drive to check out the step-mother’s claim. The employee from the defense found no claim. She submitted an Affidavit to that effect.


This is just a small part of what has happened to Michael at the hands of corruption, conflict of interest and ties to Law-enforcement by Jane Doe. We have uploaded all documents to show the treatment of Michael at the hands of Montana Law


The Echeverria family is asking for the help of anybody that can bring justice and fair treatment and fair sentencing. Not sentencing on conflict of interest, hate for another race or for simply knowing judges, cops, Da’s as is what is going on in Cascade County. We the family believe Michael has paid for his mistake and a 40-year sentence with 20 years suspended with no parole for the first 10 years is inhumane. We ask that if you find it in your heart you can donate to our cause. To bring those responsible for misguiding the same system they work for and have taken oath to be truthful to. For Michael to get justice and come home. We do not support violence in any way and feel that Michael Echeverria has paid for his wrong doing in this case and has served enough time.


We have had so many legal fees from our first attorney who did nothing for us Carl Jensen who charged $10,000 to our attorney at the time of sentencing who charged upfront $20,000 and promised there was no way Michael would go to prison. He stopped us from showing all evidence we had. Till this day we have evidence that can prove Michaels doing in the case and not what the defense claims and fabricated. We hired a private investigator who till this day charged $7,500 and has not given us any of his finding or did her testify at Michaels sentencing. We have had so many travel expenses from the defense purposely taking up time and having our whole family come back to Great Falls from our home town in California.

We ask for any donation will help us with the appeal process to try to minimize Michaels time in prison. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

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