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Help me bring my daughter home.
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My name is Sasha. I am a mom of eight. I believe that most people have the right intent in how they help people. However, when we give too much power to government and they grow "invincible" and step on people, it is the duty of the people to right that injustice and make known the wrong so others may not suffer from the same.

Last year in August, my daughter was being belligerent and awful, as teens sometimes may be. She decided that her parents were in the wrong to limit her access to electronics and internet and she made a report to Child Services that she had been abused and feared for her life.

As should be, the allegations were investigated. However, the social worker decided that she would take my daughter out of the home and not return her. To this date, my daughter is still in foster care with a woman who allows her to do as she wants. Her dad is still in jail.

The courts and Child Services, along with the prosecuting attorney and public defenders, will not hear us and have continued to roll over us at every turn. We have no money to hire a lawyer and a legal friend told us that they would help us with the paperwork to shut the case down. Nothing has helped.

Unfortunately, in this court, a defendant may as well be charged, convicted and sentenced in the same day. The prosecuting attorney must have a 96% conviction rate to keep the job. If charged, you are truly guilty until proven innocent. It is nearly impossible to prove innocence unless you have a lawyer.

I want and need to bring my daughter home. She belongs with her family. She can only get the help she needs by us rebuilding the relationship we had with her. I miss my daughter. Her siblings miss her. We have a long road ahead of us to travel and grow and learn.

In an consultation with a lawyer, I was told that both cases will need heavy retainers to get going. Since I have been a stay at home mom for almost twenty years, I lack the credit score and collateral to finance this amount and the knowledge to step into a high paying job. I have exhausted the options available to me.

Order of importance for funding:

1. Bail bond .......................................... $6,000

2. Criminal case retainer .................. $8,000

3. Family case retainer ........................ $5,000

I am here asking you to Share, Tweet, Pin, whatever and however you want to get the word out. Donate. Please.

Bookmark to follow our story. Thank you for reading and helping. Any amount helps! I am grateful for every one of you who prays for us, thinks about us and cares for us in a myriad of ways.

Update: April 20. The trial has been moved to October and we are gathering bail bond money. Next will be retainers for the cases.

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