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Wrongly Convicted/Now Witnesses Recanting Stories
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Wrongly Convicted for 25 years w/o Physical Evidence - Now Witnesses Recanting Their Stories!!
Michael Sullivan needs your help to retain an expert & an attorney to continue to fight for his freedom. He was wrongly convicted of an 1992 murder case of a Southside Chicago IL shooting without actual physical evidence. He was convicted and sentenced to natural life without the possibility of parole based on the state prosecutor's 2 key eyewitnesses testimonies identifying him in the backyard. The same 2 key eyewitnesses have now come forward recanting their original trial stories & providing 2 signed affidavits saying that they did not see Michael in the backyard or at the crime scene. He has also received 4 additional affidavits from 4 other witnesses indicating his innocence. They all have provided Michael with a total of 6 signed affidavits supporting his innocence that he's been maintaining and fighting to prove for 25 years. During his trial, Michael's public defender didn't represent him to the fullest as should have. There was NO actual physical evidence (such clothings & bullets from all victims bodies or even a gun used) submitted to support the prosecutor's case. Michael has spent 25 years of his life behind bars and has been working diligently daily to prove his innocence.

Because the medical examiner, state's prosecutor and detectives somehow lost or destroyed ALL of the victims clothings and bullets that were removed from their bodies. These key important pieces of evidences would have freed Michael, but instead have been improperly mishandled, lost or destroyed to prevent a fair trial. The gunpowder residue from the victim's clothing and the size of the bullets removed from the victims would have proven that they were fatally shot at a close range by their friends in the basement. Now an expert is needed to prove the ranges, angles & distances.

Over several years, Michael has been reading and studying law books persistently as well as eagerly trying to fight and prove his innocence. He couldn't afford an attorney so he began to study and file his own briefs/motions/petitions in court. But when Michael filed a brief/motion/petition to the courts to advise of the affidavits as new evidence, he was denied indicating that the same eyewitnesses recantations were not credible and enough to exonerate him. Because he's representing himself & filing his own motions/briefs/petitions, has no attorney or any other groups assisting to support him, the courts will not view him the same as they would an attorney or organization that would fight on his behalf. However, we have reached out to an expert to see if he can test or determine if the victims were shot at a close or far distance and at which angle based on the reports & documentation he has. The state's attorney provided him with all of the testing materials to perform his own testing as needed. Unfortunately, the cost & fees always seems to be the main issue. He (WE) is/are needing help with either getting him a new trial or exonerated. He has always kept a positive attitude as well as spirit while maintaining to prove his innocence. The picture above is of Michael speaking with a Theological professor after taking a Theological Seminar in prison. He smiles and continues to develop himself refusing to allow his circumstances to determine the man he truly is. He's a family oriented man who has been deprived of raising his children and being with his family who loves him dearly.

Every little bit helps and most definitely GREATLY appreciated. His Love and Gratitude has been sent to you all from Michael. On the behalf of Michael's mother and myself (his fiancée), we both want to thank you all for your support and Blessings as well!

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