Robert Pape, an innocent man, framed for a crime he did not commit.
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The family and friends of Robert Pape are asking for financial help to hire an exceptional legal team to find the truth behind the Pinyon Pines Murders and fund his appeal.

Robert and Cristin were wrongfully convicted in 2018 of a horrible triple homicide  and arson which left a young woman burned in a wheelbarrow and her mom and friend shot to death and burned in the house. The crime occurred in 2006.

Robert and Cristin are innocent.  They were 20+ miles away playing paintball after work. They had nothing whatsoever to do with the crime except that the young woman was calling Robert begging him to come to her home in the mountains above Palm Desert, California, shortly before her death.

Interestingly, all others connected in some way to the crime are Law Enforcement and political people or their families. The victims, the ex husband of the mother, the current boyfriend of the young woman, the boy who was in love with her, and others are all Riverside LE personnel or their children.   Only Robert and Cristin were not connected to Law Enforcement. 

These boys were framed and sent to prison for life without parole.  There is absolutely no credible evidence that connects them to the crime.  They were convicted on gossip and the prosecution's implausible fairytale.  The investigation was a pathetic sham. All exculpatory evidence was lost years ago.

We need a top notch attorney to take on the powerful in Riverside County, California, and get to the bottom of this.  

This fund is specifically for Robert Pape.  Cristin Smith, a decorated Army Ranger, highly regarded by his peers, has a separate fund.  All contributions to either help both men achieve a successful outcome.  The families of both men have been wiped out financially by legal expenses.  Much more is needed.

 Get the Facts!

Please consider a contribution of any size to this effort.  Wrongful convictions undermine our entire criminal justice system, and abuse of power in law enforcement puts us all at risk of losing our lives for no fault of our own. 

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