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I am a single full time working mom of three girls and a graduate student. Last April (2018) after being in a mentally and emotionally abusive marriage to a man suffering from bipolar disorder, I filed for divorce. In the past, he would stop taking his meds and claim to be suicidal when things weren't going his way. My ex at the time of filing my divorce threatened violence against me, so I obtained a restraining order. When I obtained a restraining order he went in and claimed that I was on drugs, violent, and an alcoholic which isn't true. I've even gone so far as to pay for drug and alcohol tests twice to prove him wrong. Afterwards, he drained all of the funds from the marital account claiming I did it. At the time I did not have a source of income and had sole custody of our three children. I have video of him withdrawing the marital money at an ATM and I have videos of his threats to harm me. I was told the videos of the threats weren't admissible in court due to my taping him without his knowledge. It is an uphill battle to win custody of my kids. The odds are stacked against me because he makes enough money to pay for a high powered attorney and can work overtime, meanwhile our credit cards are maxed out and I don't have money to keep paying my attorneys.  Despite my attempts to agree in mediation he refused to agree on anything and has proceeded to trial which is the most expensive option. I have tried legal aid and was told they could only help for mediation due to their limited funds. A local catholic legal aid says they don't help for a divorce going to trial. I'm at my wit's end.

My current job is full time with great benefits, but not enough pay and doesn't allow for overtime. I'm in the process of signing up for every side job I can possibly do to pay my ongoing legal fees. I need help covering my legal fees going forward as I've been told I will need another 5000 to cover the divorce trial coming up. In this divorce he has resorted to trying to turn my kids against me (telling them about our divorce), making false reports to police (thank god for cameras), their teachers, and everyone who will listen. His quote to me when this all began was "My job is to make your life a living hell for the next 11 years." Please don't allow him to do that...I've already lost 14 years of my life (12 married) and don't want my kids to go through the same.  

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