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This campaign is to raise money to help with lawyer fees for my 19 year old son Brian Smith. He is the second oldest of my five kids. He has been in jail since January 9th. We are all very close and we miss him terribly. 

He was rebellious in his early teens and drove me crazy many times. For things like sneaking out, skipping school, not coming home on time etc. He has, over the last couple of years, become much more mature and responsible though. Got a job, stopped hanging out almost completey, was helping his sister with his niece and nephew, he was also looking into school and wanted to do underwater welding. A few weeks before he went to jail, he went out with friends and didn't go to work the next day. He wouldn't go back in after that because he felt bad about missing work. He was pretty down on himself for missing. He decided to go stay with friends and was there until he ended up in jail.  

He is 19 years old. This is his first time ever in jail. He and 3 of his friends were pulled over and arrested for 5 felonies including armed home invasion class x, armed robbery class x, 2 posession charges, and assault with a deadly weapon. He insists he is innocent and many things in the case seem sketchy to me but I'm not sure how much I can even say about it on here other than things that are already public knowledge. I do know that no one was hurt and what I was told was that $8 in change is what was stolen. Many details of the case make no sense to me whatsoever. 

I had talked to him not too long before the alleged crime allegedly occurred (which by the way supposedly was at 8am) and he was normal. Even asked me if I could come give him and a couple of his friends a ride said they had money for gas and wanted to go hang out at another friends house. I didn't have access to a vehicle at the time so i couldn't. He said it was cool and we said our I love yous and a few hours later his cousin called his brother and we found out he had been pulled over and arrested. He has been in jail since.

I called about lawyers but for this kind of case they want a fortune that I don't have. I don't have anything to sell. Can't get a loan. So he got a public attorney. They offered 20 years at 50% a month ago. His lawyer visited him a few days ago and basically told him its the same offer and he should take it. He cant go to trial because if he is found guilty at trial he will get 60+ years and thats too high a risk to take. So he needs a good lawyer or he is possibly going to spend his whole young life in prison. 

So please Help me raise money for Brian a good attorney. Even if you can only give a dollar and a share please do so. Every dollar will help as will every share on facebook, Instagram, snap chat, etc..,  Help us get him home as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

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