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Hello Everyone!

My name is Sarah, most of you know me as Chaz's girlfriend but for those of you who do not know me or who have not yet met me I will give you a little bit of a background! Chaz and I have been dating for close to three years. This means that me son and I have been in his and his son's life for the same amount of time! I have come to love this little boy as my own and I would do anything for him! 

We are once again facing ANOTHER difficult battle in court complete with false allegations. Unfortunately this time is going to be far more difficult. His son's mother is attempting to completely remove Chaz from their son's life along with myself and my son as well. We have spent the last three years as a family and our boys have come to see each other as brothers. Over the past few years we have been able to expand our "visits" to every other weekend from Friday at 7PM to Monday at 7PM. Sadly, the first few days of January would be the last time we would be able to be together as a family. Another PFA was filed, and granted despite the conflict of interest on the judge's behalf, and this time she was successful in having their son included. The visits have now been reduced to one hour each Monday at the YWCA. Their son has been effectively torn away from not only the three of us but both of our families as well. Thankfully Chaz has been able to exercise his visits each week and he has been able to include my son as well but that does not diminish the lack of time that myself as well as our families have spent having no contact what so ever with their son. We are missing out on many important milestones including school photo opportunities, his first year in t-ball, and we are nearing Father's Day. 

We are currently paying $15 an hour for each visit along with several other weekly costs associated with the current battle. Both Chaz and myself have been working 6-7 days a week and have done everything we can to pinch pennies and save where we can. Unfortunately we have not been able to save enough money to cover the costs needed to retain the attorney we have been using. It would be in his son's best interest, as well as our families as a whole, if we were able to retain the same attorney that we have been using since day one. I have done my best to complete and file the appropriate paperwork with the courts and will continue to do so for the upcoming pre-trial conference in May but I am by no means an attorney.

The firm that this AMAZING attorney practices for requires a$3,000.00 retainer and we are no where close to having the ability to retain her in time for the pre-trial conference let alone the upcoming custody hearing. (We will receive a date for the hearing following the pre-trial conference from our understanding.)

Neither of us are the best at admitting we need help in life, let alone asking for financial help, but we are out of options. We know that the majority of you have met his son, and know our family, and adore him just as much as we do. You know just how much we have been able to help one another and how hard we have fought for the past few years to get where we are. Any amount will be extremely appreciated, even $5.00. As I mentioned before we are both working 6-7 days a week at the moment but despite this we have not gotten far fur to unfortunate circumstances such as myself being hospitalized as well as an upcoming surgery that is 100% needed for my health. 

PLEASE, consider donating to our cause. This little boy deserves to have ALL of his family. I will be updating this page as often as I can to share our struggle with this series of events as well as to provide some more background on what led to this happening!


***DISCLAIMER***: As you may have noticed I have refrained from using his son's name throughout this story. To prevent him from coming across this page at too young of an age I am requesting that no one comment with his name as well. We do not want to put his son in a position where he feels he must choose between his parents and we feel that it is not appropriate to place any child in a position where they must deal with adult problems be it now or later in his life. 

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