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Black Lives Matter Tucson "Mama Bailout" Campaign
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Ended May 15, 2017
Black Lives Matter Tucson "Mama Bailout" Campaign.
This Mother’s Day, we are raising money to
bring our Mamas home. The Mama’s Bail Out Day is rooted in the tradition of our enslaved ancestors who worked collectively to purchase their families' freedom.

Everyday an average of 700,000 people are condemned to cages and separated from their families simply because they cannot afford to pay bail. Since 1980 the number of incarcerated women has grown by 700%. Black women and Trans women are especially vulnerable to incarcerated. Black women are twice as likely as their white counterparts to be jailed. One in five transgender women have spent time in prison or jail and one in three of them reported being sexually assaulted while there.

Eight in ten incarcerated women are mothers and nearly half are in local jails, locked in cages for crimes they have not been convicted of. Most of the women in jail are accused of minor drug and ‘quality of life’ offenses and are languishing in cells simply because they cannot afford to pay bail.

In addition to the over $9 billion wasted to incarcerate people who have been convicted of no crime, pre-trial incarceration has catastrophic impacts on families and communities. Even a few days in jail can ruin a woman’s life. She may lose her job, her family may lose their housing and some even lose their children.

Here in Tucson cash bail in the amount of $1100 or less is typially imposed by Courts. This small amount of bail is beyond the ability of many poor women and their families to pay.  It is keeping them locked behind bars. This Mother's Day help us set as many Mothers and Caregivers free to be with their children and families. The more you give, the more women we can help.

For information on eligibility requirements and how to apply to the BLM Tucson "Mama Bailout" Campaign for Bail assistance, follow this link:

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