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I am a mother to two beautiful children, ages 9 and 11. I am an artist at heart, but hold a 9 to 5 job in civil service. My children are amazing. Smart, funny, charismatic.  My daughter has a genus IQ, and excels in Math, Science, English, Art. My son is a practical jokester with an arsenal of jokes and gags at his disposal. 

It wasn't always like this. Happy, confident, safe. We struggled in an abusive relationship, made to feel worthless and lost. We were at the mercy of someone else's demented view of what a family is. I had no control of finances, I had to beg for everything, from shoes and undergarments to whether we can visit my family for Christmas. 

There were not many police reports. I was raised in a Southern home, where we take care of our own, and anytime I did call, it got worse at home. The police couldn't do much for yelling and verbal abuse. I was told by an officer after I was hit across the face for not folding his socks correctly, that I would need to file a restraining order, and he didnt talk very highly of that. He said I could risk being charged also with a restraining order. (That was about 10 years ago, things have changed some since then.)

I left after the verbal started becoming physical. I left because I knew I couldn't change anything. I had a life altering diagnosis of Cervical Adenocarcinoma. At the most devastating part of my life, I turned to God. That path led me back home to my family. I filed for divorce.

While the children were in his care, he said some things to them that frightened them and warranted me to file a Protection From Abuse Order. It was granted. The yelling stopped. The 30 phone calls and threats every hour till i turned off my phone stopped. The bi-weekly skype sessions ending with crying stopped. Peace became our new normal. It was a breath of fresh air.

When trial came, his attorney was better than mine, and he won. He won visitations back. When my extraordinarily smart daughter processed that she was going to see him again, she had a nervous breakdown. I fired my attorney and hired Rose Law Firm. Since then, we have had a long, uphill battle trying to keep everyone safe from the rage I was married to. The court ordered group therapy for the children and their father. These sessions end with the children crying, running from the room, refusing to go back in because he is yelling at them. Counseling,  individual therapists, court dates, a stay at Children's Hospital for thought of suicide,  astronomical legal fees later and we are still fighting. The judge has removed all contact with the father and wants to talk with the therapists. It sounds like this next court date will be the last. 

I have been funding this with my 401k. Its gone. I have nothing left. The fees i have paid this far are in the $50 thousands. I make half that a year as a civil service employee. I have no way to pay for this last court date. I have no savings left. We haven't even had a vacation in years because we can't afford anything other than a weekend excursion once a year. My attorney is amazing. The law firm is amazing. My therapist is amazing. I don't feel alone in this. We had such a supportive net when my daughter spent a week in Children's to get stabilized,  that we worked as a team to help her and my son. And me.

This is my last resource. I don't have enough for the next $4500 court fee. My savings, retirement is gone. I am asking for help to fund this legal battle. To help keek my children safe. To keep me safe. I am calling all the warriors out there to help me take a stand. Abuse is harmful, wether its verbal or physical,  it does damage. Not all marks left behind are visible. We started this as timid and scared vicims, and we are ending as strong and courageous warriors. With your help, we can continue to mend and heal.

Thank you for listening to me.

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