Help young Black man defend himself from charges after being jumped by 5 whites
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This story is all too familiar, and is steeped in the racist history of the South. Trigger Warning.

In the deep South in Arkansas, racism is still very alive. I will not be able to give names or locations due to a gag order. Be aware this area is an open carry area and almost everyone carries, regardless of your personal feelings about this issue, this is the reality for this town. This town also has a stand your ground law that also applies to public places.  

It was and ordinary day. This young Black man, who we will call "Greg" for the purposes of anonymity, went to the automotive shop to have his car fixed.

Let me stop here and give you a little history of this young man, "Greg." He graduated with good grades from high school, even while raised in a home with addiction issues. He was a JR officer for the local police in High School. He went on to college, taking a break to earn money to help his family out. He is now returning to college to finish his degree with the intent of attending law school after he finishes his last year. 

This is a direct quote from someone extremely close to me, who spent a great deal of time with him as he was growing up. "As a white person of good community standing I can say, "Greg" is a young man who is non-violent. If he used his gun, it was because he feared for his life. He's a young man I have watched grow up and I  would be proud to call him my son. If he fired his registered gun at someone I can guarantee it was in defense of himself or another."

This day was not normal, though, as it appeared  As "Greg" was getting out of his car three white men approached yelling racial slurs. They began to beat and kick him. He was on the ground curled in a ball as they continued to assault him.

To his horror he heard a gun being cocked and started trying to get away. He managed to roll away and crawl through the window back into his car where he had left the gun he had for protection.

The men were coming toward the car armed and the woman who was in the car was shouting. Fearing for his life and that of the person with him "Greg" grabbed his gun and returned fire at them, ensuring non-lethal targeting, while he tried to escape.

The assaulters fired at the car leaving bullet holes that went all the way through the vehicle.

The car damage More Car Damage Even more car damage

Barely able to see through eyes that were already beginning to swell and in a panic he left the scene and drove to the police station where he turned over his gun and made a report while in tears completely unaware if anyone had been injured.

In Tears as his eye welled and the broken blood vessels in his eye made it painful to see.

They took his story but refused to take the statement from the witness who had been with him.

However they were very willing to take a statement from the woman who was with the white men who attacked him. As it turned out he had hit two of the men who were attacking him in non-lethal areas. He has been charged with 2 counts of first degree battery, and 4 counts aggravated assault.

"Greg" has no violent history and was a JR officer for the local police in high school. He has a passion for justice reflected in his career goals. He is a spiritual person--all who know him will tell you he lives what he believes. He is well respected in the community as a man of his word and someone who would help anyone.

Please note, at least one of the men who attacked him was a felon. In fact even the judge remarked it sounded like a case of defense.

Stand your ground laws have regularly protected white men who have been attacked, but more often do not protect men and women of color in the same situation. Numerous studies show that people who are not white often lose these stand your ground cases in the South while persons who are white often are not even charged. In fact, according to NPR the Tampa Bay Times conducted an investigation in with almost 200 stand your ground cases and stated that, “Blacks who use stand your ground are almost 15 percent more likely to face a penalty for doing so than their white peers.”

So this is what "Greg" needs:

  • He needs finances to pay an attorney, deal with bonds, and fight this case.
  • He needs good people to stand up and say they are tired of one law for whites and another for everyone else.
  • He could use help from the legal community if you wish to participate.
  • Any help no matter how small will be appreciated. If you can give $1 or 5 or as much as you can, if you cannot give, please share with your email, facebook, and other social media contacts.

Not only is this injustice for "Greg," (as self defense and Stand Your Ground law seem to only apply for white people), but this is a Hate crime, as demonstrated by the racial slurs.

Please help "Greg" get the justice he deserves so that he can complete his education and get the law degree he is determined to use to further social justice. We cannot allow another promising young life become a profit for a private prison, while the real criminals continue to walk free.

"Greg" believes strongly that he has work to do in creating and fair and equal justice system. We need more young Black men like "Greg" behind the bench, not in front of it, and not in prison for protecting his own life.

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