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Tremayne’s Story:
Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read about our crowdfund campaign. This campaign is on behalf of a young man named Tremayne, a promising 17 year old who lives in suburban New England. Tremayne is potentially facing trial as an adult for crimes he has always maintained he did not commit, and was possibly even deliberately set up in retaliation for his response to a school incident.

Tremayne’s family believes that the entire episode stems from a bullying incident involving his younger sister. She was repeatedly harassed and ridiculed to the point of Tremayne finally confronting her tormentor and the confrontation turned physical.

Not long thereafter, a group of girls, believed to be friends of the bully started flirting with Tremayne, attempting to put him in compromising situations. School rumors indicate that the bully asked them to set him up. This soon resulted in sexual misconduct charges. Immediately after this, criminal charges against Tremayne were filed.

Even a school staffer said that this was blown way out of proportion. To add intrigue to the case, one of the girls may have been caught years prior, making similar accusations against another individual. 

Tremayne has no criminal history and is immediately recognizable by anyone who meets him as an exceptionally well-mannered, gentle and considerate young man. He is a gifted athlete and has won medals in track and field and has also played football for his high school. He loves his family and is very protective of them. 

Tremayne attends a school with a very diverse student body and is very popular with classmates of all backgrounds due to his warm and friendly nature. He’s the kind of kid that girls’ parents would approve of taking their daughter out. He’s that pleasant.


Tremayne needs help raising money for a zealous legal defense so that he doesn’t wind up being another railroaded statistic.

Throughout this time, Tremayne has been suspended from school and unable to participate in the activities that he loves. As one can imagine, this is a very trying time for him and his family who are emotionally drained at this point in time.


For a Donation of $25, Tremayne will write a hand written letter thanking you for your support. 

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