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Justice for Joe
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This is for our son Joe. He is currently sitting in jail for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Please find it in your heart to read the whole story.

My son has been arrested and charged with a crime he didn't commit! I'm not that mom that has blinders on and I'm not a soft snuggly mom either, I'm a tell it like it is mom always have been always will be. So please read til the end. 

My son Joe came into this world 3 months premature at 2lbs 11oz.... and is now 18 years old and a smart Young man. He went through school for the most part on honor roll unless he was being lazy (it happens), he is always funny and very outgoing, he can see the light of any situation.  He goes and does charitable work with us (we do it as a family a few times a year) because it's good to just give back and help others. 

Now I'm not pointing fingers here by any means just telling you the chain of events..

Joe and his girlfriend of 2 plus years had recently broke up, while they were dating she did consume a lot of his time and he didn't see his friends that often. Being recently single he reconnected with a close friend. That close friend had a new group of friends he was hanging out with. My son wanted to hang out with his friend and so it naturally happened that he in turn would be hanging with this new group also at times. It was OK for sometime til my mom spidey senses were going crazy and I felt something was wrong. Finally after Thanksgiving my son told me he started smoking cigarettes and he was scared to tell me because he didn't want me or his siblings to be disappointed in him. I felt a sigh of relief that it was just cigs ya know... so time passes and everything is hunky dorey and spidey senses arrive again... I find out this new group of kids aren't the kind you want your kids hanging out with. So my husband and I talked with him about these said "friends" and he's like I'm not stupid... We know son we know. 

Fast forward to 4 days ago, my son went to the post office to send a package back from a Christmas present that wasn't the right model (hard drive for ps4, apparently there's different series?)... his last texts to me were , Do I have to pay for them to tape it? If they do can you transfer me the cost to my bank account? Nevermind they taped it. And .... I'm with ***** and we are playing ps4 at his house til he goes to work at 3pm then I'm going to talk to the Gm about working there again.

I texted him and called him all afternoon but his phone was going to vm so I assumed it was dead. At dinner I text his friend saying hey have you heard from Joe? I get a reply to call the police dept.... WTF!!!! so now paranoid I call and they say yes they have him not sure when he's going to be released... this is at 8:30pm... I drove there madder than hell! I said I'll wait here til he's released because you can't tell me why he's here because he's 18 and I wanna see his papers! 

An officer came out to tell me he had been transferred to the county jail! Wanna talk about water works, this is my oldest baby and at that point I see my 2lb baby in my head in hand cuffs and shackles. I did get some details of what happened and I really can't go in to all the details. 

I will say, these "new friends" committed a crime and my son was there, he did not part-take in it but is being charged just the same for being there. I know makes no sense to me either until it was explained to me. So it's a Wrong Place at the Wrong Time. 

We quoted lawyers left and right and the majority wanted 30-40k for a retainer to get started on his case. Luckily I reached out to someone I know that knew a great lawyer for my son's defense. He has a flat fee for us Thank God and we (myself, his step dad,his dad, his step mom and his 2 siblings) were able to put half the lawyers fees down but not without using the kids trusts from their grandfather that passed away. His sister and brother both offered up theirs to help him which we will have to replace. 

This is the hardest thing we all have ever had to deal with and we are reaching out for help. We know for a fact he didn't do this and Never would. He's just not that kid and for those of you who know Joe you know I'm right. 

Please if you can help us by making a donation so we can Give Joe the Justice he Needs and Deserves with a Great Defense it will be Most Appreciated! 

Joe loves Starbucks so if you see it as buying him a cup of coffee or two that would be awesome. So $5 or $10 would be helpful and appreciated. 

We want to Thank everyone in advance also.

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