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A girl in the wrong place and time, facing prison.
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    My name is Rebecca and I am Alexis's mom. I'm a single mom and am doing everything I can to make sure that my kids can start college and the path to a decent life. I was a young mother and have been looking forward to this time in my own life when I had sucessfully launched them into the  world. That will be a time when I can spend some time and efforts on myself.


   My daughter is just 18. She went camping with some new frinds who were all older than she is. She was the   friend to the group. After the arrests all 4 people were initially charged the same. In the weeks that followed, the other 3 have been able to get out of jail. Two of them have taken plea agreements with only 1 charge each. Alexis still has all 4 of teh initial charges. I have done a ton of research on the legal process trying to figure out what to do next. In my research, I have found that it appears as though a bunch of "finger pointing" is going on with the people in this case and my daughter is scared and uninformed in jail.

   Her public defender won't talk to her or give her any of her paperwork. He won't talk to me either. She is being wrongfully accused and has no representation. I consulted several criminal lawyers and found one that thinks he can help my girl. He is smart and attentive and really intrigued by the case. I would like to hire him to help my daughter.


   The atorney fee is $12,000 and my daughters bond is $10,000. First and foremost, I wold like to hire the lawyer. Getting Alexis out of jail takes a back seat to that. However, if I can get her out of jail in time she can start college as planned. After speaking with several law firms I believe that she can have a good outcome from this case and start life as she had planned,  with college to becoe a dentist.


  As a single mom I can come up with some of the money but $12,000 is not possible on my own. My daughter is barely 18 and she is looking at a minimum of 4 years in prison if she does not get good legal representation. That would mean that she would be a convicted felon and never be able to vote in her life, never be able to own a gun, never be able to travel to most foriegn countries. As a felon she would also have a hard time finding a place to live or a job. She might make it to college after prison but her path for life would be completely derailed.


   I'd like you to know that if Alexis had done the things that she is being acused of, I would be telling her to face her consequences. I have never tried to candy coat life for her. 


   We are passing the plate here and asking for help. The world is full of people care for one another. Nothing will shake my faith in that. Any amount helps, please help with whatever you can, be it financially, or by spreading the word, or with advice.


   I am a mam scared for my girl who was in the worng place with the wrong people at the wrong time, a mistake that could cost her entire future.

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