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Raising legal fees to stand up to a man who assaulted me on Bernie's Bridge and now wants to file a legal complaint against my right to free speech.


My name is Veronica Wolski, but many would call me the 'Bernie Bridges Lady', as I have taken a stand over the Freeways of Chicago, #BernieBanners, since June 7th, 2016, raising awareness about many of the Social issues/injustices that plague our country.

As a result of my Raising Awareness, I will be needing help with legal fees to hold accountable a man that assaulted me during my time on the Bridge.

 On March 19th, 2017, a man unbeknownst to me, approached me on Bernie's Bridge, ripped my hand-created Banners down from where they hung, went to the end of the Bridge and threw them in the bushes.

 It was during this time, while I was taking photos of my assailant, that he grabbed for my Nikkon Camera, trying to steal it from me, knowing that I had his image safely taken as evidence of the assault.

 After I recovered the lens of my camera, which he had ripped from it's base, I was in process of calling 911 when he then went to steal my cell phone, hitting me in the process.

 On September 26th, 2017, he made the intelligent decision to return to the scene where he first assaulted me, flanked with 2 Chicago Police, to file a complaint against me for 'Highway Blogging' with my Banners once again.

 This campaign is to be able to stand up for my right to Freedom of Speech, and to proceed with a legal complaint against this man for the assault perpetrated against not only myself, but the destruction of my personal property.... all for simply standing under the Protection of the 1st Ammendment of the United States Constitution.

 Any support you could offer, would be of great assistance, as I don't want to have to back down from either of these causes... because if he hits me on that particular day.... it will embolden him to lay hands on anyone that he feels his right to, and this needs to be stopped.


Thank you for any help you can offer.


Veronica Wolski


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