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Snatched from the Hospital
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We are the family of a very much loved son and grandson who is in trouble and we need help. Our son was shot at multiple times while sitting in his car on the afternoon of February 2nd and was rushed to the hospital for medical attention, as of now one of the bullets remains in his lung. 

The following Sunday morning while visiting him the attending Doctor came in to give an update on test that were done and his current condition compared to his admittance. After my son questioned the discharge date we were told he was definitely not ready to be discharged the following day and, was additionally being set up for daily physical therapy treatment for his shoulder and lungs.

Later, that Monday evening moving into Tuesday morning around 1 am, 2 officers from the BCPD came awaking us from our sleep which my son was finally getting after taking more pain meds, told us we were no longer allowed to be there and had to leave. My son was made aware he was being charged with a crime, charge papers were handed to him and he was then taken under custody at the hospital with an officer present outside of his room.

The problem is that -- instead of being given the humane right to continue his care -- later on that Tuesday, he was discharged from the hospital and sent to Baltimore city central booking. He was still weak, in pain, medicated and obviously still in mid-recovery. After arriving to the jail He was refused a wheelchair fell down which may have possibly worsened his current injury or caused extra damage. In speaking with him since the incarceration we were told his open wound had discoloration and improper bandaging. I believe if he had been left in the hospital he wouldn't have fallen on a hard floor due to weakness, and would have had proper bandages and wound care.To add insult to injury because of the over crowdedness of the jail he had to sleep on the cold hard floor with nothing, but the jumpsuit given by the institution for 4 days in that condition fresh from the hospital. With the authorities knowing the jail was full why rush him from medical care?  

His rights are being violated. Not just in common sense, but in judicial history:  U.S. Supreme Case Estelle v. Gamble.  “Ignoring a prisoner’s medical needs can amount to cruel and unusual punishment.”  The 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires humane treatment of prisoners.

We need help with both his medical case (civil justice) and his criminal case.

Our son is in horrible conditions right now, while his shooter is still at large.

He should not have been discharged until he was ready to be discharged. And, according to his physician – he was not ready. 

Thank you very much for your help!

Anil, Angela and Dina

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