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Greetings to Everyone Reading This Story!

I am Mark Anthony Winlock Jr.'s mother and on behalf of his dad, Mark Anthony Winlock Sr. and I, including our whole entire family, we come to you with heavy filled hearts about our child, Mark Anthony Winlock Jr., who just turned eighteen on January 25th and our son was in the process of getting ready for graduation this Spring. Two weeks prior to this horrific day March 4, 2018, our son was fitted for his cap and gown for graduation, he had just applied and got hired at a new job, and also he was applying for the Navy. NOW, our son is currently sitting in Mahoning County Jail, in Youngstown, Ohio for a crime he did not commit.

Some may question "how do we know that he did not commit the crime?" The REAL murderers of the young man who lost his life, is now being charged and indicted while my son is still sitting there in jail suffering for something he was not involved in or apart of with these other kids! All because of false statements that were made by two girls, that has now came forth with the TRUTH, that my son was not involved nor what he was wearing was not the right colors of clothing being described in the girls' first statement given. Not only that, my son's fingerprints was not on the weapon used against the deceased.

The public defender is not helping my son's case at all nor will he return my calls or his dad's phone calls.  This so-called lawyer,  which is practicing law in the community, is considered a "Appointed Counselor",  who has continuously mislead us, his parents and family, with wrong information.  He also has been trying to get my son to take a guilty plea without even considering all the evidence from the Discovery Notes which contains factual evidence and the girls' false statements!

FOR 30 DAYS our family has being going through HELL! We must hire a competent, trustworthy lawyer who is not afraid to FIGHT and will actually do the footwork for our son's FREEDOM.


We are seeking financial assistance that will help in providing my son with the right lawyer for this type of case.

Every little bit will help us to get a criminal lawyer to start the right process to free our child from doing a life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

His father and I would like to thank everyone for taking the tIme out the day to read our story, and for the support with so much  love shown from family, the community, and friends.  

From a mother's love and a father's love for their child, please SHARE my son's campaign today.

Thank You So Much,

Signed: A Parents' Cry For Help

The Winlock Family And The Jackson Family

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