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Wrongful Conviction- Free Kaitlyn Conley!
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Many people have shown concern regarding Kaitlyn Conley's wrongful conviction of the death of Mary Yoder and have asked what they can do to help. We are appealing her case and would appreciate any and all letters that support her strength, innocence, kind and gentle spirit and wrongful conviction. 


Wrongful convictions happen far too often. Oneida County is not unfamiliar with them either and it breaks our heart that it happened to our sister and best friend. The American justice system failed Katie Conley on November 6, 2017. She is completely innocent in this devastating ordeal, and is wrongfully incarcerated while the true people involved are literally getting away with murder.


Justice for Mary Yoder isn't achieved with this result. An appeals process will be started to get Katie home and back in the community where she belongs, not locked away. We are asking for letters in support of Katie, whether it be in support of her character, feelings regarding the "tunnel vision" investigation/ trial/wrongful conviction, or just general support. This is Katie's life- time she will never get back.


It is telling when most of Mary Yoder's siblings and their families stand behind Katie and her innocence. They stand by their knowledge that Katie is innocent and was framed. There is so much reasonable doubt in this case, and so many leads were never fully investigated. Justice for Mary isn't going to be achieved by going after an innocent person. Katie did not do it.


In addition to the emotional toll this ordeal has taken, it is also a huge financial toll on the family as well. It is a lengthy and expensive journey that we are more than confident tackling. 


Our entire community has helped raise and shape Katie Conley to be a morally upright, conscientious, and caring young woman. Please help us bring her back. 


Thank you for your continued support and love! It is very much appreciated! 


Check out her  website  and  Facebook  support page for more information!

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