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"Justice is open to everyone in the same way as the Ritz Hotel." ~ Judge Jonathan Sturgess (1740 - 1819) 

My name is Janice Flynn and I am Ryan's mother. On 12/20/2018, just days before Christmas, our family was stunned when Ryan was arrested and charged with molesting his girlfriend's three-year-old daughter.

About a week prior to his arrest, Ryan had babysat both the girl and her younger brother at his apartment while their mother worked. Afterwards, they spent the day together and even went out to dinner. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But later that evening, once they had returned home, his girlfriend contacted him and said that her daughter had told her something that led her to believe he'd molested her earlier that day. At first, Ryan thought it was some kind of sick joke, but was soon horrified when he realised she was serious. Unfortunately, his girlfriend gave him little chance to discuss and resolve the issue. She soon refused to speak to him at all and notified the police out of concern for her child. The court has since given him a "no contact order".

However, everyone who knows Ryan well knows that he would never commit such a unthinkable act. Children are naturally drawn to him and he is the favorite uncle among his nieces and nephews. He has babysat kids of all ages for years without any incident whatsoever. And in hindsight, there have been no "red flags" or warning signs in the past that would lead any of us to believe that he was actually guilty of this appalling act. He now has the support of his family and friends, his neighbors, and his boss - because those who know him best know that he is innocent. Even his girlfriend seemed doubtful that he was capable of doing this, but she felt compelled to report it. The case now lays in the hands of the state of Wisconsin. 

The day after his arrest, the police obtained a search warrant for evidence. The only item of their concern that we've been made aware of is a biological sample, presumably taken from the bedding that the police confiscated. And it's common for a man's bedding to contain his own DNA. The girl showed no signs of physical harm, but after being interviewed by a professional, she told of things that would lead one to think that this had indeed happened. However, according to the report, she related the story to her family over the course of a few days before the report was even made. Child psychologists state that it is easy to "coach" a child into giving false statements (even if unintentional) if one is unaware of how to properly question them. It's safe to assume that the girl's family are not trained child psychologists and we strongly feel that she was inadvertently coached by family members during those few days beforehand.  

Ryan is being held on a $100,000 cash bond and faces the maximum sentence of 60 years - without parole. The laws and penalties here in Wisconsin are some of the strictest in the country. But Ryan is maintaining his innocence and refuses to take a plea deal, if offered one. Ryan recently stated that he "would rather serve 60 years in prison for a crime I didn't commit, than to spend one single day as a free man that was wrongly labeled a child sex offender."  

Before his arrest, things were looking up for Ryan, and his father and I are proud of what he's accomplished these past few years. He was looking forward to his girlfriend moving in as planned and being a father figure to her two children, and he enjoyed his demanding job. But since his arrest, he has had to give up his job, his apartment, and his car, and has had to sell what few valuables he owned. In a just a few short days, he lost everything including the woman he loved and his freedom. Imagine if this happened to you, or to someone you love, all because of something a three-year-old said...

To make matters worse, the local news ran a story on his arrest and now his fellow inmates are aware of it. And in a society that understandably protects its children fiercely, men accused of this horrendous crime are usually presumed guilty. And people charged with crimes against children do not fair well in jail! Ryan is innocent until proven guilty, but yet he is being held among violent repeat offenders as if he's already been convicted. We greatly fear for his safety while he's there. And we are skeptical that he will even get a fair trial because of the news report, which is why it's detrimental to his freedom that he has a good attorney to represent him.

Ryan's case is still in the pre-trial stage, so it's imperative that we hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Men have been convicted of this crime simply on a child's word alone. And I shudder to think of how many innocent men are in jail because of these same false charges However, we are confident that Ryan would be acquitted, if not have the case dismissed altogether, if he had proper representation. Justice shouldn't be a privilege of the rich, but unfortunately public defenders usually aren't successful with such serious charges because they cannot dedicate quality time to individual cases. But criminal defense attorneys are fairly expensive and our family has a very limited income. The retainer fee for the law firm that we've been consulting (one that is "excited and ready to run with the case" once they're paid) is $3500 and there will obviously be additional fees accrued, as well as expenses and court costs. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1/25/2019 and we are hoping to secure this law firm as far in advance as we possibly can because time is crucial to assemble his defense.   

Please help us save our son from being sentenced to a life in prison for a crime he did not commit! 100% of all donations, no matter the amount, will go towards Ryan's legal expenses (minus the small fee the sponsor charges me) and will be greatly appreciated! You may also donate anonymously, if you prefer. And please remember to share this campaign repeatedly with family and friends! Thank you!!!



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