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Medical device companies hurt patients with impunity. I'm fighting back!
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I'm Dara. I am a clinical mental health and addiction counselor and educator.

I'm also a survivor of catastrophic injury, including paralysis and Traumatic Brain Injury.  I fought my way back.  My journey has brought me to a place that I can't bring myself back from alone and I need your help.

Nevro Corporation's HF10 high frequency spinal cord stimulator, Senza, was sold to me by Delaware Valley Pain and Spine Institute, and voluminous marketing materials, as a tool that had no downside: no paresthesias (sensation used to 'mask' pain that can be unpleasant or painful); treatment customized to my pain; and, easily reversible.  

Not only was the device none of these things for me, it left me with tremors and effects that include horrific 24/7 tinnitus and hyperacusis, which can make ordinary sounds like running tap water bring me to tears. My nervous system was so altered that formerly effective pain therapies were instantly useless. I am now homebound. While I continue to seek therapies to increase my functionality, it is very likely that I will remain homebound.

I later learned that Nevro's sales representative, who does not have any medical credentials, Bryan Williams, made a medical decision when he set up the programming for my device.  He was able to do this because he was not supervised by my doctor, Dr. Todd A. Bromberg, while working at his facility, Delaware Valley Pain and Spine Institute.  

The Medical Device Act of 1976 protects medical device companies, in the name of encouraging scientific advancement.  What has happened here is not protected by the spirit or language of that law.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports (November 25, 2018) that the Food and Drug Administration flagged over 80,000 medical device incidents since 2008.  The medical device industry does not seem to follow the mantra "Do no harm."

Companies push sales goals that suggest 2019 will produce double-digit growth. This can't be at the cost of well-trained and well-supervised sales representatives causing devastating injury to patients en mass.

While I have dedicated my life to helping others, now I need to ask for your help.  Nevro Corporation has remained silent in the face of this harm.  I will not.  I am not asking for sympathy, I am asking for support.

To get my case on the record, get answers and seek restitution I need assistance to handle costs like legal expenses and expert witnesses.  All funds raised through FundedJustice will serve these purposes.  Phase 1 of this process is estimated to cost $10,000.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and I what am fighting for.

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