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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32)

Waymond Anderson is serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit.  This knowingness is based off of hard factual evidence I've seen with my own eyes.  He's already served 24 years and last year was diagnosed with Stage 4 Throat Cancer.  The photo displayed is an image of Waymond about 4 months ago after completing chemo and radiation behind bars.  

His family has exhausted all money and can't afford a new defense team.  He was convicted by way of circumstantial evidence, lack of proper & through investigation & poor representation of a very SERIOUS crime of arson where a man lost his life in 1993.  Waymond was visiting his sister in Mississippi for her 26th birthday at the time of the crime.  We have proof of travel tickets, among other charges during his visit.  - This evidence NEVER presented at trial.  Along with sworn statements by witnesses in Mississippi that saw him there including a prominent Bishop of the church he attended with his sister.  Witnesses described offender with having a ponytail, Waymond has NEVER worn a ponytail.  Witnesses were drug abusers at the time and ALL have, including the brother of the man who lost his life in this terrible fire, recanted their statements years later stating they were pressured by LAPD to pick him in the line up.  One lady (witness) stated this has haunted her for years knowing she took part in putting an innocent man in prison.  Waymond was convicted of this crime a year after it happened, one man had already been in custody and set free.  There were 2 other suspects mentioned that prosecutors NEVER went after them to investigate nor interview.

There was a write up in 2007 in the LA Times about Waymond's innocence the case was appealed in 2008.  Unfortunately the just still found him guilty...again, not based off of facts and evidence but again circumstantial evidence.  NOTE:  THIS IS NOT UNCOMMON - THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF CASES LIKE THIS!  His attorney at the time was a strong believer in his innocence and a few years after the case, he fell very ill and could no longer represent him.

Almost 10 years later, a blessing came knocking.  A new unit that was recently developed by Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, called the CRU Unit (Conviction Review Unit) contacted Waymond and his family about 3 months ago requesting his evidence file to review.  Jackie Lacey started this amazing unit to assist in releasing innocent people in prison like Waymond.  This has become a ray of light for Waymond and his family and has given Waymond the strength to begin his fight for justice once again and the hope that the truth may finally come to light. 

Waymond never had any prior convictions.  Although his past of a young man on the streets of LA hasn't been a positive one prior to becoming a recording artist.  He's ALWAYS maintained his innocence regarding this conviction.  NEW ADDITIONAL evidence has recently resurfaced.  

Aside from needing immediate PROPER MEDICAL ATTENTION, Waymond needs strong representation! 

Raising 10K for his legal defense counsel to properly prepare his new evidence files and case for the CRU Unit will be no easy task.  But we need a team who believes in his case and feels STRONGLY with the new evidence that has surfaced that they can get a proper review with the support of the CRU or simply get the conviction completely over turned.  Proper council who believes in justice and willing to uncover the layers of lies that Waymond has become buried under.


PLEASE HELP US SET WAYMOND FREE!  Please keep Waymond in your prayers that his truth come to light.  #justice4suave


Thank you-



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