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I was arrested Feb. 11, 2014, My case has lingered for over 5 years. Help me raise money to fight the War On International Adoption and have the truth be told. I have been wrongly indicted.  The federal justice system is broken. It could happen to you.  Please read my story.

Over the past 5 years, I have had several lawyers. I can no longer have a court-appointed attorney. I have been represented by court-appointed lawyers who have been unable to hire experts due to lack of funding for such services. These lawyers just took what the prosecution gave them as the truth and did not verify the information they were given. I have learned the hard way, you have no constitutional rights unless you have money to hire a lawyer that can and will access experts and go the extra mile.

I am at the point where the court will no longer appoint me a free lawyer. I need legal help to file a Habeas Corpus 2255. Lawyers have quoted me $15,000 to $50,000. 

I was arrested for helping deaf, school-aged children from Ethiopia find forever families. My case is political. The U.S. wants to stop international adoption and they have!  International Adoptions are down 85%.

To indict me the prosecutor used the WRONG laws and regulations. It is that simple. When the prosecutor was shown their mistake they continued to hide the truth. They will never admit their mistakes!

In 2017 Eastern European Adoption Consultants of Ohio was arrested for similar issues. YET this agency was never indicted. They had MONEY. They are suing the Dept. of State for their arrest. This is a perfect example of what happens in the Justice system. If you have the money you can afford to have the truth told!

Money should NOT keep me from having receiving true justice but it has. HELP ME FIND A LAWYER TO TAKE MY CASE and RAISE money to pay them. I am still seeking out the right attorney.

Contact me for any additional information on my case.  The information put out by the Dept of Justice is very twisted and based on misinformation. The legal documents tell the truth. Document 207-Sentencing Memo tells the REAL story.

The case started about adoptions from Ethiopia. When my investigator showed the prosecutor the regulations it changed to be about adoptions from Kazakhstan. 

The bottom line, no child was returned to Ethiopia or Kazakhstan, NO adoption was overturned, NO family lost money. 100% of all adoptions processed by the non-profit adoption agency I worked for were approved by the U.S. Embassy. When the agency was closed in Feb. 2014 all its adoption in the process were taken over by other adoption agencies. The Government investigated all the cases and 100% of the cases were approved by the U.S. Embassy. If the agency was doing illegal adoptions then why have 100% of all the adoptions processed by the adoption agency approved by the U.S. Embassy? Maybe because they were all done legally. 


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Thanks for your support.

Mary Mooney, 59-year-old single mother of 3 adult children in college, social worker, breast cancer survivor, and advocate. 

My only crime was against myself. I was naive and thought our justice system was about truth and justice.  Am I naive for trying to have the truth be told?

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