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My name is Mary Ann Milsop and I am President and CEO of Remco Energy. Remco Energy has been in the business of auditing utility bills for fortune 500 companies for over 34 years. Over the last 34 years, Remco literally saved its clients hundreds of millions of dollars in overcharges which would have otherwise been undetected.

It has recently been brought to our attention that residences and small businesses are now experiencing the same problems, which corporate America has been dealing with for years.

These consumers have no one to turn to when they receive these absorbent electric bills. The residences are often forced to pay the bill keep the electricity on or do without food or needed medications.  

Remco wants to help residences and small businesses who have no one else to run to. People should not have to choose between electricity food and medication or be forced to go to the food bank to keep their electricity on. .

This is a very sad situation and we want to help. We need to put an end to these abuses.

We are seeking a small contribution of $5.00 towards legal and expert witness fund from residences and small businesses who want to make a difference.

We have been helping Corporate America for over 34 years. It is time to help residences and small businesses who need our help more than ever.   

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We need your help today to create a legal and expert witness fund to help residences and small businesses that are being overcharged after smart meters have been installed.

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