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Help save long time activist, resident and elder of the Central District Omari Tahir Garrett from unlawful eviction. This attempt to forcefully remove Omari is part of Seattle's gentrification plan to push out Black people from the Central District.

Help Save Umojafest Peace Center from unlawful eviction!

Many in Seattle know Omari Tahir-Garrett from his longtime activism against racism and for human rights and opposition to gentrification in Seattle’s historically Black Central District. 

Lesser known are the basic facts of this unfolding landlord-tenant relationship. Last year, the 30 year- long general manager was replaced by Hugh Bangasser of Bill Gates Sr. firm K&L Gates, who are intent on trying to sell the property to the highest possible bidder. They have specifically targeted
Garrett in that process because they believe that the most effective path toward flipping this property is  to begin evicting their long time Black tenants, starting with Omari due to his advocacy.

On February 21 st , when Omari appeared to defend himself against this improper eviction, Judge  Parisien promptly held him in contempt of court, and ordered him arrested rather than allowing him to  present the court with the factual record of the case. On February 23 rd , Omari was still held in custody
without access to his legal documents and Judge Parisien presided over an ex-parte hearing in which  she enthusiastically invited the landlords to present their one sided case, without Omari present to hear  it, respond, or cross examine witnesses. This one-sided hearing has led to an eviction notice has been  posted on Omari’s studio.

In the process of holding Garrett for a week the following civil liberties and human rights violations  included:
(1). Denial of the right to an attorney;
(2) Denial of right to bail;
(3) Violation of due process and (habeas corpus) to be free from unlawful imprisonment;
(4) Inhuman abuse/torture tactics including solitary confinement and sleep deprivation tactics.

All tenants will be negatively affected if this eviction is allowed to proceed. We call upon all freedom  loving human beings of King County to mobilize and prevent it BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

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