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What every Texan needs to know about Texas Holographic Will (Handwritten Will) BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!
I am Cheryl. I would like to say that I have a unique story that is unjust, but the reality is THIS UNJUSTICE OCCURS TO TEXANS MORE OFTEN THAN STINK ON POO

Hello. My name is Cheryl and my cause is to inform all Texans about the law when there is the passing of a loved one.  Everyone knows you should have a will and most can't afford an attorney or something drastic has occurred where the will they do have needs to be updated immediately.  People have the right to hand write last wishes and it be a legal document in Texas and be authenicated by the court. The problem is today's technology in printing. bindhe law says the will is a valid will if in the Testors handwriting only.  Meaning no typed words on the document and in that case no one has to witness the document being signed by the person who has written it nor does it have to be notarized.  Now the court in my case did get 2 people to testify that that was my father's handwriting. Again today's technology in printing can add or take away anything from a document.  Another point is there is printers that also print in ball point ink.  Here is my case and before I show you this will please know that my father did write this will and rightfully so at the time it was written.  I deserved exactly what he wrote. He did not sign the will though. In 1999 was when it would have been written in 2010 is when he ran across it from his cleaining out files in his office. I worked for him at that time and he was laughing about it but we got into a debate as to whether it would be admitted in court and what he believed had to be notarized or witnessed per his own words is not so in Texas.  His other arguement was he didn't sign it what he did do was write a statement on it somewhere at the bottom stating this is not to be used he revokes this document in it's entirety.  I again said to him dad anyone can tear that off and still use it he handed me the paper and said then you do it so it cant be used. I should have tore it up right there but I instead wrote the word **VOID** through each paragraph except at the bottom where his statement was and he had dated and signed the statement not the will's intent but his revoking the will.  I have spend 21000 on attorney fees trying to make this right and I have no more savings.  I worked for my dad and when he passed my common law step mother had me locked out of all my accounts that I worked on for my dad at Austin Mattress/Beds-N-Brass. She also had her boys go in and strong arm the manager and take everything from my dad's office before they even notified me of his passing.  Lost my dad my job and what I thought was family all on Father's Day 2015. It is coming up to the 2 year deadline that I can contest this will.  If you believe injustice has been done by Travis County Probate Court in accepting this will as valid then please donate to the cause of me fighting this criminal act against my father's wishes and long hard work for his family and me.  I am his only child and I like so many other Texans cannot afford to fight the low greedy liars who take it all. These are common law wife and her sons took everything including my dad's inheritance from his parents the heirlooms that were to be passed down to me were not.My situation is not unique there are many many people I have run across since this has happened that the same scenario or close to it but they didn't have the money to fight and prove their case in court.  You might suggest legal aid. Nope don't handle contesting of an estate sorry guys you lose everything. I hope to raise enough money to hire an attorney that knows the probate law in  Texas and can see the injustice and criminal acts that have occurred.  My father did not know I am positive that his partner would throw me to the curb heck I didn't either seeing I never had problems with the extended family.  But when there is money involved about 3 million in assets and money then peoples true colors shine through.  Thank you for reading if nothing else parents will and your will is either done with an estate attorney or if it is handwritten the county clerk will store your will for you so no one can alter it.  Thank you and here is the will that is in question you decide for yourself.  Of course since it is pictures from my phone Will at the Travis County Courthouse that was filed for probate 8/8/2015. I will help you see what I wrote in 2010 under my dad's instructions. Here I have only darkened the picture. Can you see it yet? The ext one will show you exactly where the words were written then come back to the one above and see if you think a criminal act occurred not only against me but to the legal system in Travis County Texas. enlarged and darkened Here it is how I wrote void on the document that my dad write his statement revoking the will

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