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I've stated above that it is not a single case. Stuff like this happen on daily basis. Of course most cases stay unnoticed because who is going to listen to a poor person! In fact I am sure that when Mr. K, who is the main shady figure and the driving force in our case, approached judge Z, who has "bills to pay", the first question she asked him was, "Does the other side--that's me--has any financial support. To which i'm sure he said, "No" because, really, for these guys, who are playing this real estate takeover game of hostile takeover, my income is 'tampon money". Nevertheless, we've already managed a year, and now is the time for the big push!


Here's some documented cases of a similar nature:



Of course both pages are in Russian. This is not something that Putin would like the world to know. This is the real way in which he enslaves his people. This is why I say that I'm fighting Putin. I guarantee that no one in the west realizes the scale of brainwashing and twisted control that Putin's policies are having on the folk at the bottom--I had no idea what was going on, and I grew up in Russia! But as a result Putin is breeding 200 million strong army of zombie solders whose minds are so twisted that they would scorch the land without blinking an eye!


The first article lists the most corrupted judges in the land, and of course the one handling our case is on top of the list. The second article documents one lucky case when the plot has been uncovered. It describes in some detail the process that was very similar to what is happening in our case. 


It starts with a "businessman"--well, a bandit with some mafia connections. He gets hold of some legal papers that require a spin. I'll emphasize it--the papers are all good, they are legal, binding, valid, done according to all the laws--but that doesn't matter because there're plenty of loopholes in the law, as long as there's a judge who is willing to twist it. In this case they faked a signature, and paid off the experts who would then validate it as real. In our case they paid off a bunch of "witnesses" who vowed that they know the nature of a deal, and that the seller didn't have the intention to sell the house to us. (That's right, the judge based the judgement that a properly signed and certified contract and the deed, and the real estate registration for the house that we owned for many years were invalid based on the word of several witnesses, who had neither direct knowledge of the inside of the deal, nor any tangible proof.) The trick is then to find a judge who would take upon the case.  


The rest of the article goes in details into how the payment to the judge was arranged, how they haggled, how much does it cost etc. It's a fun read. But the point is as a result the judge guarantees a completely unlawful ruling that transfers the property to the mafia guy.


And this is what happened to us. 


I need the money because I'm running against the whole government machine, and I already ran out of all my resources. 


What I'll spend money on? Two things: first, I have an outstanding bill with the lawyer (he's done superb job! I can't go into details now because it's got to be kept secret while the case is still in court, but I hope i'll be able to tell the story one day when it's all over.); and second, I have to protect my family. Yes, you guessed it right--to buy some Kalashnikovs. There already has been a hit on one of our guys. The whole nine yards--the trap, the baseball bats, and the balaclavas. The guy survived, but we all know that, once the mafia stepped onto the path of violence, they are not going to stop--there will be next hit, and I'm their main target! Our house has been trespassed twice over the last two weeks. That's' the scare tactics--they send someone to rummage in the garden in the middle of the night (it's a gated community, you have to scale a few walls to get close to the house), and then, when the police arrives they are already gone.


So, please help me out. Donate. Sponsor my fight against Putin!




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