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I. Introduction:

Please hear me out. I spent 2 weeks making the video. I use parody and visuals to raise awareness for serious issues that affect us all. I ask for help; and it will protect your future by preventing abuse. The gov retaliates against watchdog citizens. It's a national issue affecting millions – even another person on this site.

I'm a whistleblower and victim of government crime, who's been retaliated against many times for reporting racketeering schemes. I teach online and protect people's rights with filings in High courts.

Recently I testified in my court. I proved that DA #1 lied to many judges, and retaliated against a witness. I proved that Police & DA #1 committed perjury and concealed evidence of racketeering (theft from State = millions of tax payers affected).

But the judge said he found “no fraud.” I also filed a criminal complaint against DA #1. Then she laughed while reading it in court, and planned retaliation. This was after she and Supervisor #2 failed an entrapment attempt, while 3 judges and Supervisor #1 ignored my public complaints.

Then I reported crime to the elected “District Attorney” and their “special investigation” unit. So DA Supervisor #3 (not elected) charged me for “wiretapping” – 11 months after the alleged event.

But: I didn't “tap” anything.

I didn't violate “confidential communication.” It's regarding phonecalls and voice messages that I exchanged with Police in California. But they had no expectation of privacy during public work hours. And they know that because I told them I was conducting an investigation pursuant to public accountability law [Cal. Constitution Article 1, section 3].

The CA Supreme Court already settled this issue; and recordings of public officials do not count as “confidential” when I am a party. The problem is that the DA, Police, and County judges – ignore established law.

If anything, Police need to be charged with “wiretapping” and violating my privacy. They recorded me, then passed recordings to others – to mock and harass. DA #1 has proof of what Police did – she even gave me a copy of their recordings! I've been framed, and she's trying to get me killed.

All charges are victimless:

I'm a peaceful person and did not commit crime. Police retaliation started when I reported crime to protect others. But modern police do not enforce law – they look for ways to profile or steal. That's why I teach rights – to save you.

II. Why the DAs are retaliating:

The moral of the story is if you know the law and have evidence to prove gov crime – then they will use your tax money to bully & jail. This is why we need stronger whistleblower protections, and why more people need to know their rights – so it's harder for the gov to abuse us.

3 motives to retaliate:

DA #1 & Supervisors retaliated with the “wiretapping” charge – 11 months late because:

1) I reported crime by DA #1 (ignored by the court & Supervisor DA).

2) I now reported to the elected DA, and asked to sanction the DA/City/Police for evidence concealment.

So they ambushed with the retaliation charge when I appeared for the motion hearing. They tried to jail and steal my legal work. The judge made me pay $25K to stay out of jail and present the motion – instead of letting me present it first.

The judge set bail without reading the full complaint to establish probable cause. He refused to tell me the exact date, accuser, or describe the alleged crime (so I can't defend myself or prepare) [violation Cal. section 14 and 6th amendment].

He gave me a date range which proves that calls involve ~3 Police – not private individuals. This proves that the judge is personally involved since I already proved to him that these police had lied, but he found “no fraud.” Then he denied an automatic recusal procedure that I filed. He has a personal interest to stay on my case.

3) They wanted an unfair advantage in my first case – by preventing me from playing voicecalls for the jury (i.e. the only evidence that could defeat police perjury – since the City/Police concealed evidence).

The punchline:

1) Judges aided estoppel entrapment months earlier. They told me to provide discovery and transcripts of the calls. When I gave transcripts, the Prelim judge said I couldn't use them to impeach the police liar. But the DAs used it for the false “wiretapping” accusation.

2) DA #1 is the only person I gave discovery to ~4 months ago – which means she is the source of the leak and retaliation charge – after I filed a complaint against her.

3) DAs/Police had their own recordings for half a year. But they waited til the eve of trial (Case 1), to make the ambush charge when I appeared in court. So I am being punished for trying to tell the jury the truth, for seeking monetary discipline against abusive officials, and for defending myself with evidence.

The DA cannot prove how I got discovery. But the calls or transcripts prove that Police blackmailed me over the phone. Then Police lied about the calls in reports – to falsely start Case 1. The Deputy Chief even lied to the court about what he told me over the phone when I asked why Police harassed before the arrest. Me: “I'm in fear for my life.” Chief: “Nothing to be worried about.”

Each call was made to a single person at Police HQ. But 2 Police confessed in reports that they listened to recordings (proving they recorded me). They even mocked me for invoking my rights (i.e. I have the privacy complaint – not them).

I reported police crime to the mayor & Police Chief, so they retaliated more. Police asked the DOJ, who told them to NOT arrest me. But these Police don't enforce law, and were desperate to silence me. So they planned retaliation.

I obtained an email that proves Police were told to stalk me without a warrant. The DA/Police are concealing other communications that prove they lied and setup with false arrest.

Case 1:

Then Police stalked me, threatened with a gun twice, and arrested without a warrant. They disabled my camera and threw it on the ground. They cut me, said hate speech, and destroyed a recording. I told Police that I could not feel my circulation, and asked for help. So they cruelly turned up music in their car to conceal my pleas (evidence).

At the station, Police threw my property & told me to shut up. They denied a lawyer, a supervisor, and denied telling me the exact charge. Why? Because it was fake – it didn't apply to me. (Police do a trick to arrest you with a fake charge to get bail – then add the real charge to double bail).

Police confessed they had no warrant, and kicked me out of the interrogation room when I cited the law in my favor and said that police blackmailed me. (Now the City refuses to give surveillance video).

Police took me to jail without a warrant, and I was denied a hearing for 5 days – so that I couldn't tell the judge that I was held with the wrong charge. They violated Cal. sec. 14 and the Riverside Supreme Court ruling (persons arrested without a warrant must get a hearing within 48 hours, and weekends do not count as a reason to delay). [Riverside v. McLaughin, 500 U.S. 44 (1991)].

Relatives sacrificed to bail me out. I represented myself because I could not afford counsel, and my Public Defender refused to defend using Constitutional law or evidence.

The DA gave me discovery that proves the DOJ told Police to NOT arrest me. Then during the Prelim, DA #1 objected to me introducing it as evidence because it wasn't “certified.” But she is the one who gave me the non-certified copy, and I had no way to obtain it myself. (She gave me ~4 pages from the DOJ. All were stamped with certification – except the one in my benefit = planned fraud.)

So you can see that this is a deliberate coverup of Police mistakes. DA #1 is using the fake “wiretapping” charge to prevent me from introducing recordings – as the only other way to impeach police liars.

And who pays for these mistakes and false prosecutions? You. So the DA is committing a public crime against you – by denying your right to see evidence that Police lied for profit, then retaliated for me reporting to the public.

I taught you law to raise awareness and stop this abuse. I'm in fear for my life based on articulatable facts. There have been threats & repeat harassment for 11 months. Police even harassed my witnesses and relatives in court/at home.

I know that DA Supervisor #3 is personally involved in retaliation, vexatious litigation, and crime. They are using government resources to bully and violate law – for personal reasons that help them, not the public. They are trying to silence me and I need help.

III . Why urgent help is needed:

I *request* donations for 3 reasons:

1) To hire a lawyer (get a Federal injunction & start the protection lawsuit).

2) To go towards bail and save my life if they try to silence me again (bail costs $25K – 70K: see update below).

3) And to get basic witness protection and security.

(The court refused to process my criminal complaints or give me a victim advocate. The Attorney General refused to act – and told me to tell the DA, who is involved in retaliation. And the Police Chief ignored me for 11 months – while concealing evidence.)

This is witness retaliation so I need professional help.

I can't face 23 bullies alone (~6 DAs, ~10 Police, & ~7 judges). I'm poor, lost my job, and have nothing left. (Relatives sacrificed ~$100K in bond to save my life. Now we're out of money.)


Now DA Supervisor #3 made two more threats to my liberty – to revoke bail without a lawful reason – after I again reported crime to the court. (There is a list of charges that allow revoked bail – mine isn't included. But the DA lies, and the court helps retaliate against self represented Defendants.)

Please don't let them put me back in jail, they will kill me.

You know there is something wrong when inmates are nice (group together) – and it's the guards who treat us like cattle (think North Korea).

The jail neglected human needs, denied medical treatment, denied a supervisor for 5 days, and their phone system wouldn't let me make calls for days. The court ignored a Writ of Habeas corpus – there's no way to get help inside.

They are trying to prevent me from defending myself with the truth, or from showing you evidence of gov crime. I reported because it's the right thing to do. Abusive officials are using your taxes to fund racketeering schemes.

IV . Some of the racketeering schemes:

1) There's a loophole in the California Constitution that says the State will pay Police to enforce certain legislation – even if it's unconstitutional [Cal. Constitution Article 13B, Section 6].

(This waste is “policing for profit” – i.e. police are forcing you to pay them to violate neighbors' & your rights).

2) Police are hiring civilians to violate rights by impersonating officers inside Police HQ. (I.e. police are required to swear an oath to enforce the Constitution. But these civilians are not.)

3) Police/DA/Court violate CA law and due process – by arresting with a fake charge, but without a warrant or court hearing (required in 48 hours). Then they add the real charge ~5 days late – so you have to pay double bail for only 1 charge [violation Cal. sec. 14, and the Riverside Supreme Court].

4) Judges/Court reporters are involved in racketeering. They deny your right to record public hearings – to make you pay for transcripts of a public record [violation Cal. sec. 3].

But even when I got a free transcript order, they still refused to give it – so that I can't properly report to disciplinary agencies or the public. It's a critical issue since lack of transparency led to abusive judges who violate everyone's rights (“Commiefornia”).

V. Why you should help:

The real crime is that Police are enforcing unconstitutional “codes” that do not legally apply to me and other innocent citizens.

Why should you care about California?

Because Police in all States enforce “policies” and corporate “code” for profit (it is not real “Law”). This created dangerous gangs in the government that care more about pursuing victimless crimes – instead of protecting our rights (i.e. Constitutional “Law”).

Together with your funding and my facts, I can file a lawsuit to get an injunction, and end the problem in my State. This will raise public awareness to help your people get the same justice. E.g. stop tax wasting; stop retaliation against whistleblowers who investigate government crime; and set modern precedent that we can record public officials in any media (transparency).

Let's be honest, have you ever swept your street? Probably not, since we pay the gov to perform this service.

But who is paying to clean our gov regularly?

Think of how dirty it gets if we don't invest 1 day to clean or discipline bad employees. We own the government, and our Forefathers said it's our civic duty to watch over it.

I understand that people don't have time, or may not know how. My point is that whistleblowers do! They collect evidence or swear complaints – so that the information gets to you. Then you can believe and can act on it (by demanding gov corrections). This is why we must protect whistleblowers and victims of gov crime – because they are standing up to stop problems from happening to you.

In my video, I showed 3 whistleblowers who have already been murdered. You may not know their stories, so listed names to honor their sacrifice – while giving you a way to learn more.

We must become the media.

We must protect our public heroes and support each other – so that the gov bullies do not outnumber us.

Think of why the U.S. was founded – to gain freedom from British abuse. Think of what happens if we do nothing to stop U.S. gov abuse – we'll become like North Korea: no freedom, no transparency, no life!

VI. How you can help:

Thanks for your investment in society. I lost my job and I'm in poverty due to a 6 year government attack (false claims). I learned my rights the hard way, and now teach you.

1) You can voice protection by donating for the Federal lawsuit that gets issues professionally settled. Your donation also helps me get temporary protection so that I'm not murdered or kidnapped. There have been threats & harassment for 11 months.

2) You can also help by sharing this video, spreading the word, and demanding protection for victims / whistleblowers of government crime.

3) If enough of you donate and inquire – then I will have the public backing that can save my life. And I'll post the public police number that you can call to voice a simple complaint:

It has come to my attention that someone reported abuse, police impersonation, and racketeering. I as a citizen, want the retaliation to stop.”

VII. Why is a lawsuit needed?

We need a lawsuit to set protective precedent for whistleblowers, and to enforce your right to record gov officials for transparency.

And I need a lawsuit to get an injunction and stop the unconstitutional prosecution / retaliation.

(I have no other remedy since officials refuse to act. And the trial court ignores or denies all motions & civil protections. I filed an emergency Writ of Prohibition in the Appeals court. But so far no protection.

And in general, the gov does not enforce correction unless it costs them. Thus a lawsuit is needed, while raising national awareness. A Federal lawsuit also helps convince governments in your State to stop abuse.)

Q: Why is recording public officials so important?

A: We need to set precedent that you can record public officials in any medium because: officials lie, waste tax money with false reports, and ruin lives.

My story can happen to you. And it does happen to millions of people that you don't hear about – because people are afraid to record officials due to harassment. This is why we need to make clear with a lawsuit: that we the People, as owners of the government, have the right to record/watch our employees during work hours. This is to make sure they are not abusing power or wasting time.

Problem Summary:

The gov doesn't want recordings of their abuse to go viral. But the People need mass awareness leading to call floods – since the gov won't listen if only a few of us complain.

In the olden days, there were only hundreds of people in a City, and they were closely connected. It was easier to spread a message. But now there are 3 modern problems that are solved with “recording.”

1) There are millions of people – thus you need to reach more to gain a majority.

2) Modern people don't read newspapers or watch network news as much.

3) And the gov passed a law saying that #fakenews can tell us propaganda. This proves why the People need their own way to spread the truth.

Solution summary:

Modern people can reach millions at a time – by using the internet, social media, and viral video – to convince enough voters to act and say no to gov abuse.

Now you understand why electronic recordings are IMPORTANT to convey info in the modern age.

Now you understand why the gov is ATTACKING it (to prevent us from exposing their crime).

And that is why you should join me to DEFEND our modern transparency tools.

Corporations and politicians spend millions on tv ads – to convince you to do something. But we can't afford that. So your group donations and a Federal lawsuit – are the cost effective way to get a national correction for the People.

I have put my life on the line because I have no choice, and to help people like you. So let's defend each other and focus on the cause. Thank you!

(You can donate without reading below. Then come back. Or if you need more convincing, then see why donation issues are so important.)


VIII . Q & A:

Q: The NSA, Google, and phone companies automatically record us without permission. So why would we need permission to record government employees, when it's our job to hold our gov accountable?

A: We don't need permission to record officials because it's our inherent right [made into law with Cal. Const. Art. 1, sec. 3, etc].

This means that public officials already had notice that they may be recorded, when they accepted the job. Thus they have no “expectation of privacy” while working for the PUBLIC.


Q: Do wiretapping and privacy laws prevent you from sharing phonecalls made with a government employee regarding a public issue – even if the call was made only to you?

A: No, and a Federal lawsuit will settle the issue for all States.

In California, 2 party consent is needed to record audio. BUT California is wrong in its application of audio-recording/listening charges. (The Penal Code even has a built in exception for communications with the gov. But the bully DA ignores common sense. I did not break in or physically tap a wire. Police called me and I returned calls regarding a contract/threat that needed to be on record.)

A phonecall with police is an “interaction” – just as a physical meeting is. There is no question that you have the right to film police in person, which includes audio.

So why is the DA criminalizing recordings of virtual “interactions” with the gov, but not physical “interactions” ?

If a call, email, or Facebook message involves a government employee/issue – then it classifies as a “public interaction,” which is subject to transparency law. Thus if YOU are a party and choose share (e.g. record a call or broadcast it on livestream) – then you should not be punished for whistleblowing.

It is your right to do this for the common good of the People (i.e. to protect yourself from gov lies, or to raise awareness for an issue that affects tax payers) [Cal. Const. Art. 1. sec. 3].

In other words, if the gov recorded your calls without consent – then that would violate your privacy and the 4th amendment. But privacy laws were made for individual citizens, not public workers. Thus the government has no expectation of privacy; thus 2 party consent is not needed when you are the party and make the choice to share.


Q: If Police lie about you during an “interaction,” how do you convince a jury or judge?

A: California passed law saying that police can give hearsay testimony – but you can't – which proves why you need recordings as the only way to impeach liars and enforce your other rights.


Q: If you call a State Rep about Police abuse, and they ignore – how do you convince your community to protest?

If you call a DA/Clerk and they hang up or refuse to give public service – how do you provide evidence to get them fired?

A: All these problems are solved with “recordings.”

Governments often have the worst service compared to private businesses – because there is no Yelp for the government. And it's harder to accuse a government employee of misconduct since their supervisors are often in on the abuse, or the public might not believe you.

Thus recordings are needed to whistleblow to the public. Then we gain a majority over the bullies – by using indisputable evidence.

Q: How do you hold the gov accountable in the modern age, when everyone is busy doing their own thing?

A: “Recordings” is the answer again. Newspapers are outdated. The internet and social media form the modern “town square” where people meet to get public news.

Youtube,, & are how people learn about police abuse. Seeing a video or recording invokes an emotional instinct to take action – because you can believe it with your senses (as opposed to just reading about it).

Q: What if I work in the government and support your rights, but don't want to be spied on at home. Will the lawsuit weaken my privacy during non-work hours?

A: No. The lawsuit will not weaken your privacy – only prevent the gov from exploiting privacy laws for the wrong reasons.

Wiretapping and privacy laws were made to protect private citizens – not to punish citizens for exercising their right to watch over the government. (E.g. gov employees have privacy at home – but their interactions with the public during work, are open to transparency).


Q: I donated to another cause and don't have a lot of money. Why should I invest in your cause?

If you can only afford $20, then that is better to invest instead of paying $25K in legal costs – if you were falsely accused or profiled. Gov abuse affects us all. So let's get the problem solved together with your $20 donation, instead of forcing you to pay $25K later, for a problem we all face due to policing for profit.


Q: I willing to make a large charitable donation. Why should I become a benefactor today?

A: Human rights organizations, Philanthropists, and Celebrities multiply public awareness!

If you can give more than $1,000, then it's a great investment for you to subsidize this lawsuit. It raises national awareness, it protects millions, and even you (since wealthy people are also targets of police profiling).

Then if police ever harass you while driving an expensive car – you will have self-aware citizens who are not afraid to pull out their phones and record for your protection! Or if police ever blackmail you over the phone (knowing you have money to pay) – then you can confidently record them as self defense.

Q: What if I can't make a donation, how else can I help?

A: Every person counts! I don't have social media and can't show my face due to threats and government defamation.

1) So you can energize this cause by sharing this link with 10 friends.

2) Post on reddit, voat, or forums.

3) Post my video on youtube and other sites. You have my permission to re-upload with 3 conditions: Please include a link to this donation page; delete any comments that harass or give out my private information; and give me a link. Thank you.


Q: Why should I bookmark this page after donating, and check back in a few days?

A: To encourage public support, I will add new info or teach about a law subject when $1,000 or more is donated in a day. Information is free, but again this is to encourage public backing to protect my life, while giving you something in return. I can't do this alone. Thanks!


Q: What crime have you reported or whistleblowed about?

A: See Section IV, above. I also reported on:

1) In 2016, the BLM (Fed gov) blackmailed ranchers and stole land. Politicians wanted to sell it for mining rights. Ranchers like the BUNDYs and LAVOY FINICUM, were punished for whistleblowing on live tv, about abuse by the Fed gov.

The FBI setup a blind roadblock, then chased LAVOY into it – while he and others were on their way to report to a Constitutional Sheriff. The FBI murdered him and arrested the BUNDYs.

2) The FBI retaliated against other patriots and cameramen with unconstitutional charges. The female FBI agent who made the criminal complaint, was practicing law without a license in that state (i.e. the charge was void).

3) SERENA SHIM was an American reporter in Turkey, who was murdered for telling the truth about ISIS and Turkish connections.

4) A government ignored Federal law and exploited kids for money, and made tax payers pay for it (not tied to #pizzagate, but similar).

5) A government used civil forfeiture to steal from innocent people, and raise money for police equipment. They used it to commit more abuse. Civil forfeiture is not legal, no matter what they call it.

6) High ranking judges are involved in racketeering and allow police crime. They use unwritten or unequal “rules” to prevent brave attorneys or pro se – from exposing crime.


Q: Why did you use memes and parody, it seems inappropriate?

A: My goal is to reach mass demographics – since everyone needs to know and defend our rights. I use unconventional teaching to reach people who may not be interested in law, or may not see a reason to learn. Thus I use hints of things they like, to peak interest while teaching in a fun way. My court filings are more technical and may be too boring for some.


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